We are looking for a super creative professional to join us and work side by side with our executives to build an innovative toy development department. With your help, we would like to create a fun and meaningful surprise toy product line shared by children and parents.  As a pioneer in this brand-new department, your job is to bring fun and creative ideas to the team and make the products of your dream.


Joyin Inc is the fastest growing company and the 3rd largest amazon seller in the toy category. With super-efficient and full functional internal teams, we have been able to create hundreds of best sellers in various toy subcategories on amazon. With a series of new investments, we are determined to bring the company to a new next level heavily relying on innovations. We value creativity and innovation and believe these are the keys to a larger success.  If you are the one with crazy ideas and ambitions needing a stage, come and join us. You will work closely with the co-founders with full support of product designers, marketing professionals and efficient bilingual product managers.


Are you up to the challenge? Are you a person full of fun ideas and looking for a platform where you can transform your ideas to products and make a positive impact in millions of children's childhood? If yes, come and join us and make the impact together!


How will you impact:

  1. Create a famous surprise toy product line from 0 to 1. Bring an out-of-no-where idea from concept to market.
  2. Develop fresh creative concepts and ideas for product development. Draft brand’s impactful storytelling.
  3. Identify and seize the opportunities to fast execute concepts into prototypes and real products.
  4. Work closely with internal and external partners. Oversee product development status, organize marketing creative productions, plan products launch.
  5. Direct product design and lead creative resources inside and outside the company
  6. Collaborate with copywriters, producers, and other marketing partners to launch products on multiple channels including traditional retailing, ecommerce, and social media.
  7. Build a culture of creativity and efficiency. Lead a passionate and energetic team.


What we are expecting

  1. 5+ years of relevant experience in the Toy industry. 
  2. Background in Graphic Design, Animation, Branding, or similar field required.
  3. Familiarity with social media, digital marketing, pop culture, design, and typography.
  4. Awesome computer skills, especially Adobe Suite and excel
  5. Critical thinking with attention to details.
  6. Entrepreneur mindset with can-do attitude.
  7. Experience of building a brand from scratch is preferred.

If you are interested, please contact us at hr@joyin.co.