21 Baby Toy Essentials of 2021
Last year, the quarantine made us stay at home and one of the best things we got from this experience was totally being able to bond more with our families, especially our little angels. As parents, our work outside did not allow us to spend much time with our kids. Now that offices and companies have become open with working from home, we now have plenty of time to be able to see our kids all day long! It’s good to see their milestones from saying their first mommy or daddy to singing their first ABC song. To help our little ones achieve their baby steps, we definitely need some tools to aid their learning! Here are some amazing Joyin toys that are fun, engaging and affordable for your little ones!


Joyin 2 Pack Big Baby Cloth Books

Help your child develop a love for reading at a very early stage with these fun and interactive cloth books! These books feature a one peek-a-boo theme story book and a whimsical creatures book that will surely ignite your baby’s imagination! The books are non-toxic and washable!

12 Packs My First Soft Bath Books

This soft bath book set is definitely a perfect starter pack to begin your child’s brain development! In this set, there are books about shapes, colors, and animals advancing a toddler's senses using sounds and touch-and-feel textures. This is a great way to discover and enjoy a new milestone as parents!

3 Piece Soft Baby Cloth Books

Create a fun way to have your baby interact with these soft books that feature land, marine, and flying animals! With its bright colors, touch-and-feel texture, and squeaker sounds, you can teach a child to love animals. This is definitely a fun educational activity for moms and their babies!

Activity Center


Joyin Baby Activity Center Alphabet Music Toys

Kickstart learning the alphabet with this multifunctional toy featuring varied activities for recognizing shapes, colors, and sounds! Let your baby have fun stacking rings and match shapes into holes accompanied with good melodies! This bright and colorful toy set is a perfect recreational activity.


Big Building Blocks 100-pieces Classic Bricks 5 Colors

Give your little engineer the perfect gift! These building blocks are great for both home and classroom activities. Let the kids have fun building shapes and structures that will surely develop their motor skills.


4-in-1 Wooden Educational Shape and Color Sorter

Make counting and sorting a fun time for kids with these perfectly shaped and chunky puzzles! Advance their imagination by coordinating the right colors and the right numbers to solve them. This is a must-have learning tool for preschoolers!


JOYIN 5 Pcs Beach Sand Car Toy Playset

Start your child's early development with these sand cars that help progress hand-eye-coordination and are so incredibly fun!  This pack includes a a bulldozer, tractor, dump truck & asphalt roller that are all fully functional! 


3 Pcs Toddler Driving Steering Wheel Toy

Get your toddler moving and develop hearing skills playing these sound-producing toys! Get entertained and improve the child’s mood listening to different sounds and melodies. Enhance  their motor skills as well with this pretend play toy set. 


My Learning Remote and Phone Bundle

A techie baby is a happy baby! Get your toddler a pretend playing phone and remote toy set that will allow him to practice recognizing animal and object sounds. These toys feature sound effects for animals, camera, music, and more!


Magical School Bus Shapes and Sounds Toy

Join the ride of these cute little animals in a magical bus that goes around with sound! Not only is it entertaining, but it's also educational. Sharpen your child’s cognitive and motor skills with the interactive mechanics of this toy which includes sound buttons and beads. Pay attention to your child as he or she might crawl and chase the car!

Musical Toys 


6 PCS Toddler Sensory Musical Instrument Toys

Make your little one a one-man band with these super adorable musical toys! Help them practice hand coordination and good listening skills by playing these musical instruments with beautiful melodies. The colors and design will surely brighten your baby’s day!


Baby Piano Keyboard Animal Activity Center

This cute little piano featuring adorable animal figures is sure to make your baby a professional musician! Help them develop their love for music at an early age!


Dancing and Walking Baby Duck Toy

Make your baby dance and quack up with this adorable boogying duck! This super fun toy is a ball of energy for your child as it can both sing and dance to different melodies. It comes with colorful interactive buttons to help your child remember the sounds. We also have a musical dinosaur toy too!


24-Pack Animal Plush Toys

What a fun way to introduce animals to your kids! Get these cute colorful toys and add these to a wide array of family activities. Use it for pretend play, role-playing, educational and fantasy games, and many more! This is a great bonding activity while watching National Geographic!


Ball Popper Toy

Let your baby imagine riding a cat-designed train with eye-catching lights and nice music! Not only will this entertain your child, it will also make them learn counting and color-sorting using the balls that they can loop to make the train move. This is great to help your kid develop patience and enhance focus while having a fun-filled activity!

Toddler Musical Play Learning Center

Give this jam-packed activity center toy a try if you want your child to enjoy a number of educational activities! Not only will this develop your child’s senses, this will also allow them to practice hand and eye coordination. With 15 functions to choose from, this is a great activity to add to your baby’s must-haves!


Musical Activity Cube Center

Want a fun way to help your baby develop the love for music? This cube can switch between two modes: karaoke version with a realistic microphone sound effect and music mode featuring different instruments. This is a great learning tool to activate higher levels of listening skills. Your baby could be the next Mozart!


Baby Pound and Tap Xylophone

Babies love pounding whatever they can so why not channel that energy into making music? This xylophone is a great interactive way to introduce your baby in a natural and fun way of learning the ABCs, sorting, and counting! 

Play Mats

Kids Carpet Play 3D City Life Car Mats

Ride around town along the green fields and beautiful landscapes! The vivid colors allow your child to be imaginative through all the traffic crossings, city roads, and intersections! The mat measures 60” by 32” and is super easy to roll up when you’re done playing! 

Kids Puzzle Play Mat 16-Piece Set

Learn to solve a puzzle with this play mat featuring animal shapes! Fill the holes of the mat with the correct animal on it. Not only is it fun, it also stimulates memory and sensory development. This also doubles as a great play mat for tummy time or a great and safe sitting area for your baby!

Joyin Playmat City Life Carpet Playmat, 2 Pack

Need a bit bigger play mat for your kids? This 2 pack city-life play mat has specific buildings to allow your kids to play and imagine including, a school, coffeeshop, market, circus, museum and so much more! It’s a fun and unique twist on the traditional play mats to give your kids more of a chance to role play and use their imagination!

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