21 Ways To Burn Kids Energy This Summer!

Wondering what to do if you’re stuck inside with your kids all day? Our massive list of Ways To Burn Kids Energy This Summer — from toddlers to teens — busy and burning energy! These activities will not only fight boredom but will challenge their body & minds. Use this list as a way to release all that pent-up energy your kids store up.


 Nasa Space Shuttle Float

Wannabe astronauts will think this float is out-of-this-world! Sure to make a splash on this planet and any other, this pool float is great for stellar summer parties, vacations, and backyard bashes. Picture rolling up to your next poolside hangout with this under your arm, imagine how starry-eyed all your friends will be. Like the nicest of aliens, though, you come in peace and are ready to share!


Giant Pizza Slice pool float

A delicious addition to summer games and activities, this pool float is sure to make a splash with little ones as it comes designed as a vegetarian topping pizza. Inflate during a summer birthday bash then easily store inside during those colder months. This brings a whole new meaning to the concept of a pizza party!   


Be the captain of every pool party while lounging on your personal boat pool float. Leisurely serve refreshing beverages from the double reinforced, built-in cooler compartment in the bow and stow yours in one. This inflatable float includes handles for easy boarding and leisurely towing.  


Giant Peacock Pool Float

Fly into summer with this giant peacock pool float! This blue pool float is shaped like a giant peacock with wings and a long neck and colorful tail. Plop your tail feathers in the center of the peacock raft, and enjoy your favorite pea-cocktail in the pool. Relax in elegant summer style with this peacock float at your next pool party!



At least it’ll be shady in there after you get past the part that a whale is eating you! This inflatable big mouth whale pool float is an excellent pool toy that you can use to really give your kids a good time under the sun.

Boxing Gloves

Your kids will have oodles of fun frolicking with these pool noodles. Make entertaining your kids a breeze when you toss them these fun swimming toys! They definitely make a splash at your pool celebration. They’re also excellent pool party favors for everyone to take home after your event is over! If you’re looking for a different style, try the Magical Unicorn designed instead! 


Fairytale Unicorn Wings

Your child gets to ride and relax on the unicorn pool float as they enjoy the cool water on pools, lakes, and oceans. A magical, mystical and marvelous addition to your cool pool toys, this Inflatable Giant Unicorn Float takes you and your kids for an enchanting ride around your local swimming hole. 



 24 Pack Big Bubble Wands 

Bubbles are always a blast to play with, but you might find tiny kids wondering why the bubbles disappear instead of sticking around to play with them a little longer. When your kids are looking for giant fun, reach for these big bubble wands! These wands are a great way to create gigantic bubbles and even bigger smiles from kids and adults alike. 



Dragon Arch Yard Sprinkler

This dragon arch yard sprinkler is an epic addition to summer parties, it is designed to look like an arched, colorful polka-dotted creature. Let your kids run through the bright green dragon with water sprinkle down for endless summer fun! 



Blow Up Unicorn Yard Sprinkler (5.3 feet)

Perfect for pool parties, summer luaus, and outdoor birthday parties! Make a splash at your next summer shindig with this inflatable sprinkler - it’s an adorable unicorn that features a colorful mane, and that sprays water out of its picturesque horn. It’ll keep you, the kids, and your friends cool all summer long. 

68” Sprinkler & Splash Pad

A sprinkle and splash pad will give your kids just that; a cool and refreshing time without having to leave the house.   

Splash Whale Yard Sprinkler 

Beat the summer heat with unlimited water fun! Equip your home with the most fantastic fun water sprinkler and engage your little ones (or why not grown-ups too) in exciting outdoor games and cool water activities in your own backyard, garden or swimming pool! Great for babies or toddlers aged 18 months and up, this amazing, whale yard sprinkler is the best way to add excitement and fun to a dull, hot summer day and keep your children up and out all summer long!


Melon Ball Jumbo Sprinkler

One of the things kids love most is getting soaked on a hot summer day. Whether it’s a splash pool, the hose, or something much more refreshing, water play is always in at my house. Kids will have a good time this summer with the new  Melon Sprinkler Ball.   

 Inflatable Volleyball/Basketball Water Games

This volleyball set will get your kids jumping! This inflatable toy can be used to play on the lakeside, beachside, and also the poolside. This ensures that you have hours of fun as you battle against each other to determine the volleyball champion. Combining swimming, competitive play, this toy offers an excellent way to relax as well as improve cardiovascular health. Volleyball also helps build hand-eye coordination, making it a perfect match for enjoyable exercise. 


Spritz Aqua Phaser  Hydro Enforcer High Capacity Water Guns

Get prepared for an entertaining game of water tag with these super cool water guns. Have everyone in bathing suits and play tag. Whoever is “It” gets the water gun and tries to tag the other players with a cold squirt! 



 6 Pack Light Up Dive Toys

Diving down to fetch items from the bottom of a swimming pool is the perfect way for kids to improve their swimming and build confidence in the water. This light-up diving toy is ideal for helping improve your kid’s diving skills. 


32 pcs. Dive Pool Toys Set

You can also try this 32 pcs diving pool toy set. Simply throw the toys into the pool and let your kids grab them after they sank. Diving rings and sticks stand upright at the bottom of the pool, which can be easy to grasp. These underwater toys not only bring kids fun when swimming but also helps improve their diving skills.  


12 pcs. Egg Dig Kit & Clay - Archaeology STEM Learning

Educational and stem learning. Kiddos can excavate their very own dinosaurs with this set. The perfect group learning exercise or party activity, this dinosaur discovery kit contains everything kids will need to crack into “fossilized” eggs. Junior paleontologists will soak the eggs and then carefully chisel the shells to reveal a different miniature dinosaur in each egg! 


 Blow Up Unicorn Coloring Craft Toy Set

Kids will gallop for joy at first sight of this find! A great coloring set for kids to unleash the kid’s creativity and imagination. Just like the mystical creature featured here, let your kids make their unicorn sparkle and shine.


 Gigantic Dancing Keyboard Play Mat

Do your kids love dancing to music? This is the perfect toy you can get them, to entertain them this summer. Ideal for practice solo dancing skills or dance with friends and family. 



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