3 Reasons Autumn is the Best Season

Hands up if autumn is your favorite time of the year! Not everyone gets to experience all four seasons, so if you do, consider yourself lucky to enjoy this cool and colorful time. The change happens quickly. A chill hits the air and suddenly every leaf on every tree turns a glorious shade of gold, ruby, amethyst or jade (that’s why fall colors are known as jewel tones). Animals change their behavior, too. If you look closely you'll notice many furry ones start to grow a thicker coat. Chipmunks become hyperactive, racing up and down trees, collecting nuts for the winter.

Maybe fall is a reminder to change your routine and try something new?

The Autumn Season: The Fall Harvest Experience

Happy harvesting! The seasonal shift gives you a great excuse to get outside and pick new fruits and vegetables. After weeks of ripening on the vine (or tree, or bush) it’s finally time to pick the shiniest, sweetest apples, carrots, beets, cabbages and pumpkins from the garden. As the weather gets cooler, sugars accumulate in these crops and they are noticeably sweeter. Try some for yourself!

If you don’t have a garden, search for a “U-Pick Farm” or “Pick Your Own, Farm” nearby to explore your options. Typically, you can just drive up, gather ripe fruits and veggies, then weigh-and-pay on your way out. Harvesting is a great activity for kids! They’ll love helping the family and getting their hands dirty. This is how they learn about the natural world. 

As you browse local farms, make note of which ones will have corn mazes and pumpkin patches later in the year. Also make note of state fairs in your area, as these often coincide with a harvest. As we fall deeper into autumn, you’ll have plenty of fresh and fun events on the calendar!

The Autumn Weather: Crisp And Cool

The grass is greener where the leaves are NOT! What we mean is, change is positive, and the chilly autumn weather invites stylish layering. People tend to dress in the colors of the season (almost like camouflage) so autumn brings out some of the most vivid hues in our closets. This combines with dramatic new textures, like fuzzy knits and warm fur. Plus, folks accessorize with cute scarves, hats and gloves.This is a great time for people-watching!

This is ALSO a great time to plan some long walks in nature! Do you have access to a hiking trail? If not, a park will do. Get yourself some hot cocoa and venture out to see the falling leaves. Many people find autumn walks peaceful and inspiring.

Nature’s coordination skills are unmatched—seemingly overnight, every tree and plant knows the time to change is now. It’s interesting to think about how people are influenced by nature as well, without realizing it.

The Autumn Holidays: Halloween, Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving and more

Objectively speaking, some of the best holidays are squished in between October and December! Get ready for glittering home decor, dinners, gifts, family get-togethers…

We’re talking about wild costume parties and the incredible haunted homes folks plan for Halloween. Depending on where you live, you might also don lederhosen and drink a pint of beer (or several) in honor of Oktoberfest. Others might celebrate it by remembering loved ones who have passed away.

Of course, all fall roads lead to mountains of mashed potatoes and turkey! Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on what you have, and to teach kids to be thankful.

 Autumn is a busy time, and a beautiful one! The outside world decorates itself just fine :) but your home needs a helping hand. Yours, in fact! If you’d like to make a few fall-themed updates, why not jazz up the couch with some rustic autumn pillows?  What about a twinkling garland of maple leaves? If your porch looks a little bare, consider this collection of thankful decorative pumpkins.  

Whatever you do, have fun with it!

The Autumn Sales: Black Friday And Cyber Monday

These sales are so popular in the U.S. they are practically holidays in their own right. Black Friday is “celebrated” with a nationwide shopping spree on the day after Thanksgiving each year, and Cyber Monday (the online equivalent) is held on the following Monday. These days, many companies connect them and offer gigantic discounts all weekend—it’s a win-win! If you shop during this time, you can easily score 50-70% off your favorite items. That means tech, cars, toys, clothes, home goods, literally anything and everything you like.

Because these huge sales occur during the last week of November, many retailers consider them the start of the holiday shopping season and are careful to stagger promotions to keep folks interested through the end of the year. Basically, once the sales start, they don’t stop! Shopping is another part of what makes autumn so fun.

So, these are a few of our favorite things about fall. What do you think? What is the best part of autumn?

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