35+ Trending Halloween Costumes for Adults, Couples, Kids, and Pets!

Here’s a roundup of incredible trending Halloween costumes for adults, couples, kids and pets. May you win every costume contest you enter in 2022!

It’s happened to everyone. The hellish, hallowed date snuck up fast and suddenly you need a last-minute Halloween costume. To save the scary day, we’ve whipped up a list of silly, spooky and downright sexy costumes for all. Get ready for blood and guts—gore may be a key part of your Halloween glory!

Moreover, Funny inflatable costumes are the ultimate Halloween game-changer, and we've got options for everyone! As for the inflatable costumes for adults, step into the past with a prehistoric twist in our inflatable dinosaur costume. Kids will love the magical adventure of our blow up unicorn costume, while the dragon inflatable costume adds a fiery touch to your Halloween. Discover the joy of Halloween costume inflatable style!

Choose Classic Halloween Costumes for Kids

A quick note on Halloween and horror, this is one of the few occasions where we discuss the serious fears everyone has about death in a lighthearted way, so classic Halloween costumes often involve characters that are half alive and half dead, aka “the undead.” You will see ripped clothing, cobwebs, tombstones, and other eerie elements that suggest disorder and decay. We all know death is final, so the idea that a rotting body might return from the grave is totally unnatural—but, we still can’t look away! That’s why zombies, vampires and science-experiments-gone-wrong (hello, Frankenstein’s monster) are so popular on Halloween. On this holiday, we teach kids that scary things exist, but that’s ok, and they can even have fun with it. Don't overlook trunk or treat games when planning your Halloween festivities. Kids will be thrilled to join in!

On the flipside, heroes are equally popular in the Halloween costume department! This seasonal dress-up sesh doesn’t need to focus on our fears, it can also reflect our hopes and dreams for the future. For kids, this might mean imitating heroes from comic books and action movies, or (sort of) realistic job options like a construction worker, cowboy, princess or astronaut. These are some of the original “good guys” that are always popular on Hallow’s Eve. Ask your kids what they want to be when they grow up, and help make their dreams come true! Choosing a Halloween costume can become a teachable moment if you encourage your kids to be their own hero when the situation requires it.

What are the Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Adults?

Clearly, Erotic Horror Costumes

There’s no other way to say it, the world turns upside down for one night every year and all the rules for “appropriate dress” go out the window! If folks can walk around with shiny butcher knives and wear the dripping masks of their enemies (or frenemies), you can put on fishnets and do an erotic horror version of any Halloween costume on the planet. It’s pretty intuitive, just make the outfit tighter and show more skin! A little body glitter goes a long way, too. Make a list of the most exciting people, places, and things you’ve encountered this year (or wanted to) and boom, you can turn it into a sexy Halloween costume.

Alternatively, Funny Costumes for Adults

Retire the “I’m dressed as myself” joke right now. Why don’t you build a quick costume from one of the top memes of 2021 instead? Remember the helpless lawyer-kitten who got caught on a Zoom call? What about the infamous ship that blocked the Suez Canal? Find the funny inflatable costumes in current events, and be prepared to explain your outfit!

If you like to be the center of attention, consider one of these giant inflatable costumes for adults, as these inflatable dinosaur costumes, blow up unicorn costumes and other inflatable animal costumes stand up to eight feet tall and make a real impression wherever they roam. There are plenty of funny adult jumpsuit in human sizes too, so all you need to do is zip up and go. Will add Tik Tok video once new website is launched 

Reality can be fun too, right? Uniforms make great costumes because there are so many options, and other Halloweeners will likely recognize your concept. Technically, all costumes are unisex, so you can choose from a range of military, fire department, police, airline or sailor outfits (don’t forget the captain’s hat!). Historical figures are also fun and easily recognizable if you pick the right one, like a famous emperor or king (think Napoleon, Genghis Khan and Henry VIII) or their tyrannical counterparts (maybe Stalin, Attila the Hun or Vlad the Impaler).

But, back to the modern era. Who is your celebrity doppelganger? Pick one and make it work! Adult costumes for women often have a sexy overtone, but you should wear what you like and nothing else (but do wear something). Can’t think of anything? Slip on a black unitard and pop on a bobblehead—yes, we are talking about the oversized heads of aliens, dinosaurs, unicorns and more. Are you nodding, or is the bobblehead just excited to see me? 

How to Approach Couple Costumes Ideas

Some things that are perfect for each other include a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, milk and cookies, and you two! It’s always fun to dress up as a famous couple from pop culture, but you should think outside of the box and find pairs of objects (and entities) that last forever. We’re talking about timeless combinations like the sun and the moon, night and day, IG vs. reality and more. Celebrate your relationship with a coordinated look!

Oh, The Wonder of Pet Costumes for Halloween

Don’t forget your pets! There are absolutely ah-dorable Halloween pet costumes on the market right now,, and you only cheat yourself if you don’t involve the hairiest members of your family. Halloween is the cutest time of the year when it comes to pets, and whatever outfit you decide for your four-legged companion, TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES.

Halloween Costumes for Cats:

If you know cats, you know they’ll either love their Halloween costume or rip it to shreds, and you’ll only find out on October 31st! Of course, the independent streak is part of their mystique 😉😍

Lucky, most cats will tolerate a light, loose-fitting outfit for a brief period of time. Think about what Halloween costume would fit on a harness, like wings (maybe a bat or an angel) or legs (like a spider or turkey). Cats look great disguised as any person, place, or thing, just ensure the clasps or zippers are secure because your feline friend may resist!

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Let the wagging begin! Dogs tend to be more easygoing and most will happily wear any old bandana, collar, or hat that you supply. A ride-on costume would be perfect, just imagine them carrying a mini cowboy on their back! SO CUTE. Whatever your pup “wants to wear” for Halloween, it’s definitely available online, with thousands of adorable dog Halloween costumes from puppy chef to hound dog lioness and big-dog-bumblebee.

Take a look at a wide range of creative and popular Halloween costumes, featuring options like the delightful whale costume, traditional black witch dress,  dog cow costume, and others.

Don't forget to check out our fantastic selection of Halloween jumpsuit and inflatable costumes like the fearsome inflatable dinosaur costume and the extraterrestrial inflatable alien costume. Get ready for an unforgettable and creatively inspired Halloween!

So, Halloween is creeping up—do your worst! Think outside of the spooky box, and you are sure to win a costume competition or two in 2021 (be sure to practice an evil laugh for your acceptance speech, muahahahahahaha).

What was your favorite costume idea? Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments! 


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