2020 Christmas Advent Calendars - 24 Days of Toys!


Military Men Christmas Advent Calendar - Joyin

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Military Men Advent Calendar 

This advent calendar is for your every day action hero! It comes with action figures, a dog, transportation, armor, and weapons. This is perfect to surprise your little soldier every single day of the Christmas countdown until Santa comes! 

Animal Plush Toy Christmas Advent Calendar


Animal Plush Toy Advent Calendar

Calling all animal lovers! This advent calendar has ADORABLE plush animals of all kinds just waiting to be opened! There is a range of animals from a leopard, frog, puppy, to a penguin, donkey, and duck. Secret time…. There are also three Christmas characters! 

Rubber Duck Christmas Advent Calendar - JOYIN

Rubber Ducky Christmas Advent Calendar

Rubber Ducky you’re the one, you make the holidays so much fun! Bring pure joy to your family this Christmas with this hilarious and adorable advent calendar that features 24 Christmas themed ducks. It’s definitely something you want to put on your bill this Christmas!  

Animal Building Blocks Christmas Advent Calendar - JOYIN

Animal Building Blocks Advent Calendar

Imagine, it’s December first, you’re excited for the Christmas 2020 season because this is going to be the best one yet, what do you see? An advent calendar! The kids open the first day to find blocks and immediately want to build them to see what animal they got! This calendar is a great way to come together and create! 

Animal Erasers Christmas Advent Calendar - JOYIN

Animal Erasers Christmas Advent Calendar 

Want to erase the wait and anticipation for Christmas this year? Then this advent calendar is for you! Each day you can receive an adorable animal or Christmas themed eraser! It’s great for toddlers, kids, and adults!
Monster Truck Christmas Advent Calendar - JOYIN

Monster Truck Advent Calendar

What beats a T-rex monster truck? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! This advent is definitely in my Top 5 favorite advent calendars because my nephew absolutely loves cars and monster trucks. You receive 24 of the coolest monster trucks around from sharks to triceratops! It’s a great gift for any boy who wants to have a blast rolling these awesome monster trucks around!   

Airplanes and Automobiles Christmas Advent Calendar - JOYIN


Airplanes and Automobiles Advent Calendar 

Make this Christmas FLYYY by with this aviation enthusiast advent calendar! Have your kids be entertained by running their own airport when they open up this advent. It comes with a multitude of planes, luggage cars, and everything in between.   

Mochi Animal Squishy Christmas Advent Calendar


Mochi Animal Squishy Toy Advent Calendar 

This has to be one of the cutest advent calendars sold with the little Mochi characters. There also are three slow rising Mochi surprises waiting for you! Mochi's are known for a great way to give your hands circulation by squeezing them and with kids it teaches them hand eye coordination. A toy and a learning tool? Sign me up!  

Die-Cast Essential Vehicles Advent Calendar

Die-Cast Essential Vehicles Advent Calendar

Quick! It’s an emergency! You have to look at this incredible advent calendar that features all types of emergency heroes! There is an amazing amount of diverse toys in this advent calendar that feature road hazard signs, emergency vehicles, and figurines. This calendar is great to give your boys some fun toys to play with while counting down the days until Christmas!  

Scented Slow-Rising Squishy's Christmas Advent Calendar

Scented Slow-Rising Squishies Advent Calendar

What’s that smell? Is it Christmas?! Even better, it’s the amazing smells of these delightful slow-rising scented keychains! Any little girl would have some of these already on their Christmas list, so why not give the smell of Christmas early?  

Building Blocks Rapid-Response Team Christmas Advent Calendar - JOYIN


Rapid-Response Team Building Blocks Advent Calendar 

Build the best Christmas 2020 has ever seen with this AWESOME advent calendar! I have never seen so many amazing vehicles made from blocks and the best part is you get to do it every day until Christmas!  

X-MAS Novelty Toys Christmas Advent Calendar - JOYIN

Xmas Novelty Toys Advent Calendar 

This advent calendar is the perfect way to feel close to the holiday spirit with all of these fun and different novelty Christmas-themed toys! It is appropriate for all ages to have fun with tinker toys, pull cars, shutter shades, and more! It’s a wonderful way to gather and play!  

Unicorn Accessories Christmas Advent Calendar - JOYIN

Unicorn Accessories Advent Calendar 

Get ready for the magic! This unicorn advent calendar comes with everything it takes to be a unicorn queen. There’s stickers, a headband that turns you into a unicorn, and bracelets! Spread magic and wonder this holiday season as the Christmas unicorn with these 47 accessories!  

Dress-Up Doll Christmas Advent Calendar for Kids - JOYIN

Dress Up Doll Accessories Advent Calendar 

Be a doll this Christmas and get the little girl in your life this adorable way to dress her doll everyday. It comes with plenty of outfits, accessories, shoes, and brushes to make your doll dressed the way you want! All of the clothing and accessories also fit most barbie dolls! 

Sweet Slime Shop Christmas Advent Calendar for Kids - JOYIN

Sweet Slime Shop Advent Calendar 

Slime, for Christmas!? It’s true! Open up a pack of slime on each magical day to find incredible fun! There are plenty of varieties of slime including galaxy and crystal. The best part is there are ways to personalize your slime with multiple kinds of glitter, foam balls, and more. It’s a fun way to craft your way to Christmas! 

Advent Calendar with Fun Fidget Toys 

Are you and your kids getting "antsy" about Christmas? Fill those hands with these super fun fidget toys! Maybe you want to solve a rubik’s cube or play with a set of stairs, all of these are a staple providing family fun! 

X-MAS Theme Slime Christmas Advent Calendar for Kids - JOYIN

Christmas Theme Slime Advent Calendar 

This slime advent calendar is unlike any other because of all the different types of crafts you can create with the multitude of slime assortments! There’s so many ways to get creative, come together for a Christmas craft and make waiting for Christmas a family affair! 

Dino Dig and Clay Christmas Advent Calendar for Kids - JOYIN

Dinosuar Dig & Clay Advent Calendar 

Your kids will really dig this Dinosaur Dig and Clay advent calendar this Christmas! It’s a fun way to learn about dinosaurs and keep the kids entertained while you get things ready for the holiday season. 
Arts and Crafts Christmas Advent Calendar for Kids - JOYIN

Christmas Arts & Crafts Advent Calendar 

Get fun and festive with a plethora of incredible decals, paints, glitter, sticky jewels to decorate some merry crafts! This advent calendar is made for true artists that want to paint, create, and play! 

Christmas Advent Calendar with Make-Up for Girls - JOYIN

Advent Calendar with Make-up for Girls 

How can your daughter feel festive and fabulous? With this adorable make-up kit advent calendar she can have all the fun she wants with her very own makeup! No more getting into mom’s makeup bag! There are some beyond cute lipsticks, makeup palettes, and more! 

Die-Cast Car Toys Christmas Advent Calendar for Kids - JOYIN

Die-cast Toy Cars Advent Calendar 

Start your engines and get ready to roll! This Christmas advent calendar is packed with 24 different die-cast vehicles. Great for pretend play! Each day a new adventure awaits, bringing you one day closer to Christmas! 

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