Fathers Day DIY & other Fun Activities!

Who has always been there for you when you need him most? Tucked you into bed at night and woken up before sunrise to get you to your big game on time? If your Dad is anything like mine, he deserves more than just one day to show my love and appreciation. But since June 21st is official “Fathers Day,” make it extra special for your biggest fan! Dads are notoriously hard to shop for, so we’ve put together a list of fun fathers day ideas to do with Dad! 



Build a hammock with dad for fathers day!

1. Build A Hammock In a Cool Spot

Does your Dad enjoy the outdoors or an afternoon nap? Well, he will like it even better when he can have a relaxing spot to ‘chill out.’ Hammocks are easy to make, or you can buy one online. Choose your favorite design and set it up in the perfect spot. 

have a bbq this fathers day to celebrate with dad


2.  Fire Up the Grill & Have A BBQ!  

Nothing Says Father’s Day like a good ole fashioned Outdoor BBQ! Fire up the grill with Dad and help cook a delicious meal to share as a family. You can't go wrong with burgers and dogs, but shishkabobs are a fantastic change!


Father and son gardening together

3. Plant A Garden Of Your Choice

“Life’s a garden, dig it!” - Joe Dirt Do you and your Dad like getting your hands dirty and being outdoors? Consider creating an outdoor garden! Enjoy watching your seedlings grow into mature plants. 

 Klever Kits Dino Eggs Craft Kit For kids

4. Do a Craft and Learn a Skill

There’s nothing quite like building a fun craft with your father. The moment’s together like this are a great way to bond. Learning a new skill during the process is a huge bonus. Click the image above to check out our Dinosaur Excavation Kit! What Dad doesn't like dinosaurs?! 


Father and daughter building puzzle together

5. Build A Puzzle as a Team

Puzzles are a great way to stimulate the brain and solve a goal as a team! There are all sorts of awesome puzzles these days. You can find something out there for all ages & ability levels.


Father and son putting on golf green

6. Play A Round Of Golf  

FOURRRR!!! Get outside with Dad for a fun round of golf. Spend the day whacking away and developing your swing! Golf is one of the oldest sports around and a great way to spend the day bonding.

Various colored pencils lined up

7. Free Printable Themed Coloring Sheet 

Get creative and spend some time coloring pictures with Dad. You can find fun & free printable coloring sheets online. Try finding topics related to some of your Dad’s favorite things like fishing or sports. Click Here For FREE Printable Coloring Sheets

two boys swimming in backyard on fathers day

8. Make a Splash & Go Swimming 

Lather up the sunscreen and grab your towels! Head to the nearest lake, river, or water park for an exciting day in the water. 


Father and kids out on boat fishing

9. Cast A Line & Go Fishing  

A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work! (something my father always said growing up) Probably one of the oldest traditions around. Casting a line out with your Pa has got to be one of the best ways to spend Father’s day hook, line, and sinker! 

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