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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

It’s that time of year again, wondering what in the world are you going to get your family for Christmas? Look no further! This holiday gift guide will help you come up with some amazing gifts for the different age groups you need to get presents!

Want more Christmas inspiration and ideas? Look no further! We have a vast array of Christmas inspiration, like pathway christmas lightsblow up Christmas decorations, christmas window lights, christmas chair covers and large Christmas stockings. Get prepared to make your party unforgettable!

Stocking Stuffers

10” Christmas No Snap Party Favor (Plaid)

Give the gift of surprise in everyone’s stockings this year with these awesome party favors! Each one comes with a party hat, Christmas jokes, and a surprise toy that could be screwdrivers with a key ring, a mountaineering buckle, a magic trick, a heart shape keychain, silver die, a fish bottle opener, cufflinks or a ball pen.

12 pairs crews socks #1 

Socks for Christmas!? Absolutely yes! Instead of one pair of socks, this comes with TWELVE different pairs of holiday crew socks. This is such a fun way to mix and match for any Christmas lover! Either one of these packs give some great options!

2 piece warm fuzzy socks

Now this is a great gift for anyone who’s feet are always cold! These fleece socks are soooooo cozy and come with two pairs! Give the gift of warmth!

36 PCs Christmas Make-A-Face Sticker Sheet

This is such a fun way to decorate trees, make gingerbread men, and make gingerbread houses without the mess! If you have kids, this is a great way to give them an activity while you cook on Christmas!


6 Pack of Magic Cubes

What a classic toy, it’s been a lifelong goal to solve one of these! I always have felt little puzzles like these are such a great stocking stuffer that keeps your hands and mind busy!


9 Piece Light Up Necklace

All is merry and bright when you can wear your own light! These necklaces are a fun way to stay festive for the day and Christmases to come. These necklaces are a staple for Christmas accessories!

Toys for Your Tots

3 Piece Soft Baby Animal Cloth Books

Every child loves to be read to and these soft books help your baby get hand-eye coordination along with a story! The animal themes are super cute and it's a great way to introduce fun learning early.


12 Pack My First Soft Bath Books

Whether it’s your baby’s first Christmas or any following, these soft books 12 pack are such an incredible purchase. They’re all washable, BPA free, and have different types of material to keep your child engaged!


Little Tool Workbench with Portable Backpack

Calling all builders! How cute are these tools? They’re a great way to build fine motor skills, imaginative play, and most of all create some cool stuff! The best part is that all of this is compacted in a backpack so when you’re putting it away it doesn’t take up much space! 

Play- Act My Purse Toy Set

Your very own purse?! They grow up so fast! This purse comes with some awesome accessories: an “electronic” car key fob that makes three different car sounds, an electronic cell phone that can give 14 different phrases, a debit card, drivers license, pretend nail polish and lipstick, and all of this fits in a cute hand bag! 

Baby Piano Keyboard Animal Activity Center

This adorable piano is such a great way to get your little musician started! There are three modes including, piano, funny and music. There are animal sounds as well as a drum kit. The animals are also removable to play with! 

3 PCS Toddler Driving Set

Calling all future race car drivers! This delightful set comes with a steering wheel, car keys, and cell phone that plays noises. Every item has buttons and sounds that make interactions endless. Soon enough your toddler will be driving you around! 

Wooden Push-N-Pull Truck with Xylophone

I absolutely ADORE this toy because it takes a spin on the classic toys we have all grown up with and gives it another interactive element of a xylophone! There are also animal blocks on the side of the truck that can be taken out and placed back. It’s also so colorful!!

34 Piece Pretend Play Cookware

Wouldn’t it be nice if your toddler could cook for you? Now they can with their own little kitchen utensils and produce! There are so many different pieces to this set that include, pots, pants, pot holders, cans, vegetables that can be sliced in half, and so much more! 

Active Fun for Kids! (and Adults)

Target Zombie Alien and Shooting Practice Targets

Gotta get your practice in for the zombie apocalypse! There are 2 targets that you can aim at and there is a point system too depending on where you hit the zombie or alien. They also are weighted for endless fun!

Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids

This is a great gift for anyone looking to be active in quarantine! It stands 5’3” and bounces back anytime it is hit! 

Kids Arcade Basketball Game Set with Hoop 

Go to the arcade in your own home! This basketball game set is an AWESOME way to keep everyone in your family entertained! It comes with 4 inflatable balls and air pump for the balls along with the entire set. Give everybody a chance to ball!

Foam Ball Popper with Target

This is another great way to give your family some active fun! It comes with 2 air popper guns, 24 balls, 1 target stand that catches the balls. It is non-bpa and appropriate for all ages! 

Teapot Sets 



Under the Sea Teapot Set

How cute are these? Each Teapot set comes with 1 Teapot, 4 Cups, 4 Medium-sized Plates, 4 Small-sized Plates, 1 Big Plate, and a Unicorn or Mermaid case! Everything is fully functional for a real tea party! Also available in a magical Unicorn theme as well.

2-in-1 Puzzle Sets 

Two in One Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Piece Repeated Seamless Snacks 

Don't be puzzled this holiday season on what to get your loved ones! All of these puzzles are great options and have beautiful scenes that range from snacks, sea life, and outer space!

Klever Kits - at home Crafts for Kids


Klever Kits - Science Lab Kit

Who hasn't wanted to experiment like a mad scientist at one point in our lives? This at home science kit for kids is a fantastic way to spend the afternoon. Spend some time experimenting with your kids and you might learn something new yourself!


Klever Kits - DIY Unicorn Headbands

Time to get crafty this Christmas! These Klever Kits are a great way to keep you and your kids entertained, engaged, and educated! There are a bunch of themes too beyond these two!

Epic Snow Tubes!


47” Inflatable Llama Snow Tube

Give the gift of a way to go fast in the snow! These inflatables have some hilarious themes to make you unique when you're sledding down the hill! For anyone stuck in the snow and looking for something to get your family moving, these are perfect for you. Don't forget tubes for your friends! Grab the Snowman, Reindeer, Dragon, Unicorn or Flamingo snow tube to complete your crew.

Holiday Cards and Gift Card Holders 

Gift Card Holders

Gift cards of any kind are a great and easy way to give someone their own personal gift that they can choose! Finding a way to wrap them is always difficult, these gift card holders solve that problem easily. There are six adorable options to choose from! 


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