Vision: JOYIN is to be your go-to for toys and celebrations.

Mission: We deliver joy to you by designing and providing the best selection of creative toys, holiday decorations, and celebration products at outstanding value. And offering an incredibly convenient online and unrivaled customer experience.



Joyin Inc is the fastest growing and No.1 Amazon seller in the toy category. With super-efficient and fully functional internal teams, we have been able to create hundreds of best sellers in various toy subcategories on amazon. Within 2021 Joyin has served over 10 million customers with over 6000 SKUs. With a series of new investments, we are determined to bring the company to a new next level with full sales channels- Amazon, Director to Customer (DTC), and offline wholesales. Our branded toy products open the lens of a child's perspective and play, enhancing a child’s cognitive-behavioral, creativity, hands-on and social learning skills. Our party products start and propel the celebration, helping our customers create great events and happy memories. We strive to create fun and exciting Party Supplies, Toys, Costumes, Holiday Decor and so much more, bringing the Celebration home to thousands of satisfied customers.


Joyin Inc is looking for a Digital Marketing Director to join us and work side by side with our executives to build a brand new Direct to Customer (DTC) sales channel. With your help, we would like to create a reliable and impactful digital selling channel covering toys, crafts, party supplies, holiday products and all celebration related products.


How will you impact:

  • Lead website and App development including improving UI/UX, solidifying brand image, gaining more traffic and maintaining the existing customers.
  • Define and execute marketing strategies to drive sales growth across all digital media including paid ads, SEO marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.
  • Develop influencing and affiliation programs to constantly generate traffic to the website.
  • Create outstanding paid campaigns using market data and monitor the health of campaigns adapting quickly to market forces.
  • Lead the marketing strategic planning and bring new ideas to the team by following the most up to date trends and news in the industry.
  • Lead a team of marketing professionals and hold accountable for the team’s performance
  • Bring outstanding market and industry insights to the team


What we are expecting:

  • 5+ years of experience in digital marketing for Direct to Customer (DTC) business model in the consuming products industry.
  • Have knowledge or experience with web development & website management (Knowledge of WordPress + WooCommerce is a plus)
  • Experience in successful SEO & email marketing.
  • Experience in SEM and social media paid ads.
  • Proven results in growth on brand awareness, loyalty and customer acquisition across social, digital, and programmatic media for e-commerce born brands
  • Technical knowledge of tracking, tooling (Dynamic Creative Optimization, Catalog Management, etc.) and experiment design and implementation
  • Exceptional analytical skills and the ability to promptly prioritize and communicate expectations, experience with modeling, multivariate testing, and statistics
  • Experience with SQL, relational databases; experience using data visualization tools like Tableau or Datorama 


Key Behaviors to Succeed in This Role:

  • GSD mentality: You are excited to work with a rapidly growing company & are eager to help shape the marketing department for the company so you’ll get stuff done regardless of the quest
  • Only results matter: You would go the extra miles to get the result desired in the most efficient way possible regardless the methods - actions speak louder than words
  • Passion, creative & positive: Positive attitude, tenacity and high energy to tackle new, challenges and ambiguous problems
  • Never say never: Trial & error happens often. You must be willing to test and fail sometimes instead of turning down any new suggestions or ideas prior to exploring the concept.


If you are interested in this position, please send your CV to