Easter Party Ideas: Games, Party Favors, Decorations & More!

Easter is a fun & happy time where families get together and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Unfortunately, with the #coronavirus spreading throughout the world, this Easter will be unlike the rest. 

How things play out over the next few weeks will probably determine whether you host any sort of family get-together. Either a large group or just immediate family, here's a list of Games, Party Favors, Decorations & More Easter Party Ideas! 

Did you know that Psychologists say decorating your home for the holidays will make you happier? One of our favorite things about Easter is all the bright colors. Since we've all been stuck inside with this "Social Distancing" thing. Adding some fun, vibrant colors around the house will brighten everyone's spirits!  


What better way to decorate and say "Happy Easter" than a 6ft Bunny Yard inflatable! This Easter inflatable comes with an extended cord, ground stakes, fastening ropes, built-in sandbags, and a UL certified plug. The best part is the built-in LED lights that light up at night. Set up is super easy and fills in under a minute. 


If Inflatables aren't an option where you live, check out these Outdoor Easter yard signs

Every Great Party Needs good food. Although I didn't write that rule, I most certainly believe in it and probably won't show up to yours unless you do too. Easter is usually a "brunch" type of deal, so keep it light and casual. Make Peanut-Bunny & Jelly sandwiches or Peep topped fruit shishkabobs as we found on this blog from a writer named Morgan


 Now that everyone is happy & fed, It's time for Easter Party Games! Don't sweat this portion can be easier than you think. Take our advice, and your party guests will be having a blast in no time. Think you have what it takes to be the Easter Spoon Relay Champion this year? Test your balancing skills against up to 6 family members and friends! Race to the finish line without dropping your egg. 


Hop your way to the finish line this Easter and look adorable while doing it! Our Easter themed potato sack race comes with 6 sacks and 6 sets of matching bunny ears to look the part. This Inflatable Bunny Ears ring toss game will have you laughing and having fun for hours.  
Carrot Toss Bean Bags are the perfect way to keep the kids (and adults) entertained. Extremely easy to set up and looks fantastic hanging in your backyard! Specially designed for all ages, this Easter bingo game is perfect for playing with your whole family. 


Whats an Easter get together without a traditional egg hunt?! To change things up a bit, bring your search party inside for a Glow-In-The-Dark Neon themed good time. Turn off all the lights and use glowing eggs for your family to find. Scrambling to find baskets for everyone to store their eggs can be a pain. 
This 6 piece Easter Egg Basket set comes with 3 different colored grass fillers to make things simple. Go with the larger Bamboo baskets for a more traditional style. 


We all know decorating eggs with the family can be a messy process. For a quick, No-Mess fix check out the Busy Bunny Egg Whirler. This bad boy uses a motor to gently spin your egg in place. It even comes with markers, so you don't have to use any messy dyes.  
Last but not least, finish up your Easter party with some creative drawing time. Use the adorable Easter Shaped side-walk chalk set to get artsy. Use your imagination and design fun characters or play tic-tac-toe to end your epic event. 
While the future is still unclear, one thing is certain. You can be prepared to throw a fantastic Easter Party for your friends and family. Click here to see our full easter selection. Stay safe and remember at Joyin the Fun Starts HERE! 
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