Pre-filed Easter Egg sets You Wish you had as a Kid

Growing up, I remember getting candy in our Easter eggs, and if I was lucky, maybe a quarter! I'm not talking about the good candy either. I mean, like the hard candies that tasted like medicine you'd find at grandma's house. Let me tell you times have changed for the better! At least in the Easter Egg Selection, that is... Ditch the Candy this year! Now you can find something that you and your family will absolutely love! Here's a few of our favorite Pre-filled Themed Eggs.


Glow in The Dark/Neon Easter Egg Ideas

Everybody loves Glow-In-The-Dark stuff, right? Brighten up the party and add one of these neon-colored Egg sets to your Holiday party. From 35 Pieces all the way up to 400 pc. Sets! We have several varieties to choose from. Each Neon Colored Easter Egg comes with a mini glow-stick to stuff inside and light up the eggs.

Dinosaur Easter Egg Sets 

Do your kids love Dinosaurs? Go back in time this Easter and choose one of these Pre-filled, Pre-historic Dino-Themed Easter Egg Sets! You can Craft Dinosaurs with Clay using the dino-shaped mold! For a Jurrasic good time, Light up your bath with dinosuar LED bath toys! Watch as your folding dinosaur toy Transforms in front of your eyes.  Dinosaur Puzzles, Finger Puppets, Action Figures, and more, It’s safe to say we’ve got the Dinosaur Easter Egg Game on lock. Click Here For more Dinosaur Options


Race-Car/Vehicles Easter Eggs 

Rev up your engines!! This Easter is about to take off. If your little ones are into anything with 4 wheels and a driver, you should definitely consider these fun gifts. We have Easter egg sets that include Die-Cast Cars in every egg! Pull-back Monster Trucks, Construction Rigs, Shiny Cars, & More! Race against your friends or use your imagination to create a construction yard for hours of pretend-play.



Animal Themed Easter Eggs 

Attention all Animal Lovers! Finally, you can combine your love for the animal kingdom with such a fun tradition! Give something more meaningful than candy and create some actual excitement at your Easter Celebration. Stimulate imagination and social skills while playing with animal finger puppets from our 24 Piece pre-filled eggs. Try the 48 pack of Animal Toy Figures for larger crowds. Enjoy 1 of 12 different Animal Pull-Back cars in the Jumbo Egg 12 pack. Find and collect your favorite animals from each collection! Click the link for more Animal Friends.


 Cuddly & Soft Plush Toy Easter Eggs 

Adorable, Soft, AND Cuddly! You can’t go wrong with Easter Plush Toys! A few of our favorites are the Super soft plush bunnies, Plush Unicorns, Bunny + Headband set, & the Jumbo Bunny Plush set! Each egg is pre-filled with a darling plush bunny friend! Made from high-quality plastic with a hinged design that keeps the top & bottom together, these eggs can be used for multiple occasions.



 Building Blocks Themed Easter Eggs 

If your kids love building, then the Building Blocks Easter Eggs are right up your alley. Every set comes with high-quality pre-filled hinged eggs. Each with a fun & creative building block toy. Improve creativity, logical thinking, concentration, and planning skills through hours of imaginative time with friends. The building blocks toys fit tightly together and complete your exciting new creation. Save time and energy this Holiday season with the FireFighter, Construction, Dinosaur, Wild Animal, or Train premium Easter Egg collection. 


 Slime Filled Easter Egg Sets 

See which you can stretch more, the slime, or your imagination! Our pre-filled Slime Easter egg collections are made of 100% safe and non-toxic materials. Soft, Smooth, and Stretchy, Plus, it won’t stick to the hands or walls. Kids can create almost any shape with slime. They can knead it, squeeze it, twist it, smash it & mold it! The Dinosaur Jumbo Slime Eggs are one of the most popular choices. Kits like the Galaxy Slime Glossy Eggs or the Iridescent Clear Colorful eggs come with cute accessories to add with the slime! Find other Cool Slime Products Here.


Unicorn Easter Egg Set 

We’ve covered Wild Animals and Dinosaurs, but what about UNICORNS?! Easter is already an extraordinary day people around the world look forward to. Make it even more magical by adding Unicorn themed Easter eggs! We have Movable Unicorn Dolls, Keychains, Bracelets, and many more cute packages to choose from.


More Adorable Pre-filled Eggs 

With all the fantastic choices, I know this list of Easter Eggs is already incredibly overwhelming. I don’t want to put your brain into overload or anything..but Yes, there are even more fantastic eggs you need to see! Dazzle your family with the Classic Magic Egg Set! Add the Pretend-play Money Eggs to your party and have fun teaching the value of money. The last little gem well mention today is the 48 pack of pre-filled Mochi Squishy toys. Not only are these little characters freak in adorable, but the eggs they come in are bigger and heavier than your standard eggs.



With such a vast selection of Easter Eggs we offer, we could write about them all year round. The best way to see all the unique choices of Themed Easter Eggs we offer is by visiting our Webpage. CLICK HERE: For More Themed Easter Eggs
We hope you all have a Safe and Enjoyable Easter Holiday! Stay Tuned, We have more fun Easter content coming out soon! Remember at JOYIN the Fun Starts HERE!
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