5 Best Ways To Celebrate National Give Something Away Day
Happy National Give Something Away Day! Consider July 15th your annual reminder to take a honest look at what you have, consider what you need, then give something away.

Take a deep breath and LET GO!
Often, we infuse objects with sentimental memories and wind up with a cluttered house filled with things that feel good, but aren't useful. Those silly mugs from vacation, that novelty coffee table... You know who you are. Today, you can do good by clearing the clutter and giving to a person in need.
Alternatively, you can also give time and money -- sometimes these are the best gifts!
Where to give:
  1. A friend or neighbor
  2. Your local homeless shelter or food bank
  3. A cause on GoFundMe
  4. An effective national or international charity

Joyin believes it is our responsibility to make the world a better place by giving what we can, when we can, so we wanted to do something fun this year.

To celebrate National Give Something Away Day, we invite you to enter a very SPECIAL Instagram giveaway. Donate to St. Vincent de Paul of Arizona with us in YOUR name & enter to win FREE products 🥳

  1. EACH entry we get = ONE item donated (help us reach to the goal of at least 50 items donated!)
  2. THREE lucky winners will receive FREE PRODUCTS 🤩
Everyone wins❤️

St. Vincent de Paul of Arizona is a non-profit organization that exists to "Feed. Clothe. House. Heal. our neighbors in need".

Enter now for the chance to WIN BIG & GIVE BACK!

Check out our Instagram for more details.

The giveaway ends on July 18th @7pm PST.

Winners will be announced on July 19th!

Good luck & Thank you for making the world a better place.

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