Easy Last Minute 4th Of July Party Ideas
Flags, flags, everywhere. This is one holiday where you can cover your entire home with stars and stripes and no one will ask questions. Show them how you really feel about the land of the free this Fourth of July.

Planning an Independence Day party last minute? Here are some quick and easy ideas, plus a few of our favorite party supplies for your big-time BASH—be sure to order what you need in time for shipping and delivery!

Don’t worry, this party will be a piece of cake (or pie).
  1. Get Flashy With Festive Party Supplies
    party sets

    We all know parties are officially about friends and family, but unofficially about food and drinks. Your table is guaranteed to be a focal point, so make it a memorable one!

    To avoid mountains of dishes, consider the size of your event and whether single-use items are needed. Word from the wise—you will need more than you think! 

    Make an estimate, then DOUBLE it!

    On the big day, you will want to set up the food station first since it is the base for your feast and a homing beacon for your guests.

    Now, not everything needs to be covered in flags, but sometimes you want what you want. Patriotic plates, napkins, cups, tablecloths—find all that and more in this 92-piece-party kit for your convenience. 

  2. May The 4TH BE WITH YOU

    After setting up your food station, priority number two should be ENTERTAINMENT.

    Make things easy for yourself with items that inspire spontaneous play but don’t need explanation. Materials like cards, dice, dominos, ping pong balls and darts are always a good idea. Have you considered games like charades and musical chairs? There are plenty of Spotify playlists to get the soundtrack right.

    You know what your friends like!

    As the party goes on, your guests will eventually need a break from the endless burgers-and-barbecue and want to cool off. The crowd will appreciate pool toys like this floating beer pong table. Just inflate it and walk away, they’ll know what to do!

  3. Best Thing To Pair With 4TH of JULY FIREWORKS

    End your Independence Day with FIREWORKS. Find out where your local fireworks show will be held. Plan to rearrange seats for better viewing, and pass out traditional party favors like sparklers, firecrackers, and party poppers, so everyone can participate in the best part of the day.

    For obvious reasons, mini American flags are a necessity for party decor and activities. Wave them, use them as photo props, or line your whole driveway and make yours the most patriotic party in the neighborhood.

    With food, entertainment, and the finishing touches planned, all you need to do is relax and have fun.

Be safe and have a great FOURTH OF JULY!

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