10 Fun & Educational Activities Your Kids Will Love!

Being the fantastic Mom that you are, you've probably been scouring the internet looking for education ways to keep your kids busy. A child's brain development is crucial. It doesn't magically stop when home from school, so why should the learning? Don't miss out on this critical development stage. Stimulate their brain function and try these educational and fun activities! 


One Bear, Two Bear - Red Bear, Blue Bear 

Children's minds are highly receptive to math and logic. Did you know that early math skills are the strongest predictor of future academic achievement? This Montessori Learning Toy is Perfect for Toddlers Ages 3 and Older! Kids Will LOVE Sorting Bears by Colors and Shapes into Their Colored Honey Jars and Counting Them. The Bright Colors Are Stimulating and Make It Fun to Count and Sort!  

 Play N Pack Plushie Purse Set 

Is your little fashionista continually digging through your purse and asking for your phone? This plushie purse set is just the remedy you need. A real touch-screen phone of their own with 14 unique phrases. Hands-on play time stimulates the imagination and develops talking skills through role-play fun. - Another great option with fewer accessories is the Pretend Play SmartPhone, Keyfob, & Credit Card kit. 

135 Pc. Pretend Play Food Set

We've got nothing against lions, tigers & bears, But this pretend-play food set has Lemons & Sushi & Pears, AND PIE! With 135 realistic food shapes, this play pantry has something everyone will enjoy! An excellent way to teach about nutrition & health. 


Dry Erase and Water "Floating Ink" Experiment 

Here's a fun activity to try that can probably be done with items around your home. Draw shapes onto a plate or ceramic dish using your markers. Pour water over the designs and watch as your drawings magically float off the plate. We'd love to say we came up with this fantastic DIY ourselves, but you can check out the original post with more detailed instructions here. 

Toy Animal Hand Puppet Friends 

Perfect for Imaginative stage Play, slumber parties, & Church Settings. These adorable hand puppets help build self-confidence and social skills through storytelling & role-play. 6 Soft Plush Animal Friends, the Elephant, Unicorn, Puppy, Pig, Tiger, and Cow will keep your creative kiddos happy all day. FULLY WASHABLE. 

Radio Control - Cartoon Dinosaur Race Car Toy with Music and Sound  

Dinosaurs + Cowboys + RC Car, need we say more?... Our Radio Control Dinosaur Race Car includes a removable cowboy action figure and fully functional remote control. With Easy To Use turn functions, kids can control this dynamic duo with Ease. Imagination Navigation! Move forward, backward & turn with this tactile toy.

Cereal Box DIY Castle 

Most parents feel breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The reality of hectic #momlife mornings makes it challenging to prepare a hearty breakfast. Cereal is the #1 go-to breakfast for kids in America. This means you probably have a few boxes in your pantry that can finally get cleared out. Here's a helpful guide we found for cereal box blueprints! 

Unicorn Plush Toys Castle Carrying House 

Another Adorable plush set to consider if your kids aren't into dinosaurs. A fun and creative way to get your kids away from the TV and doing something productive. 6 Different colored Unicorns all snuggle together inside their sparkling carrying castle. Fantastic at home or on-the-go activity for kids.


Dinosaur Plush Toys Volcano Carrying Cave 

Your kids will fall in love after playing with the Dinosaur Plush Castle. 6 of the cutest plush dinosaurs you've ever seen!  The T-Rex, Pterodactyl, Triceratops and other dinosaur friends will stimulate the imagination with hours of fun pretend-time play! Take your Jurrasic pals anywhere with the volcano carrying case. 

Don't let your children waste time on meaningless television shows and video games. Make learning fun & exciting with something different for your kids to try at home. Remember at JOYIN the Fun Starts Here!








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