Stay At Home DIY: Fun & Creative Projects for Kids!

Are you stuck at home with your kids for what seems like an eternity?

With recent tragedies across the world, here in the U.S, the majority of schools will be closing. This means our little bundles of joy will be home ALL DAY LONG. Before you start going into full-on panic-mode, take a deep breath, We've got you covered! For the most part, we love spending time with our little angels. Occasionally, a break to catch up on that long-awaited to-do-list is a beautiful thing. 

Even after all the marvelous gifts and toys, you buy them, kids still have a way of continually requiring our attention. Video games and Television ARE NOT the answer to your peace & quiet. Instead of rotting their brains while home from school, try these fun & creative DIY activities for kids!


The Ultimate 4in1 DIY Craft Kit

The ultimate stay at home DIY! This 62 piece DIY arts and crafts kit will unleash your kid's creativity. Get them off the couch and away from the T.V for some quality time while home from school. Perfect for ages 3+ use your imagination to paint Rocks, Window art, Mini Tiles, and Wooden Magnets. Everything you need is in the kit. Open the box & let the fun begin! 


Wooden Race Car Vehicles Art & Craft Kit 

As a kid, one of my favorite things to do during school breaks was to build model cars & rockets. Starting with a bunch of pieces and ending up with a beautiful creation is hugely satisfying. This DIY race-car Craft Kit is great for little builders that are crazy about cars. The perfect craft for children who aren't quite ready to handle super glue and other tools. This Klever Kit comes with 12 paint tubes in 10 different colors. Rev up their imagination and let them custom paint the design. With 144 Pcs in each set, your child has everything they need to build and decorate their Race Car, Motorcycle & Monster Truck!


Paint & Play Wooden Princess Accessories DIY Kit

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall who's the craftiest princess of them all?" Is your little princess home from school and starting to get on the Queen's nerves? This adorable DIY Princess Paint & Decoration Kit is well worth your time. With 21 Pcs., everything you need is in the box. In their own fashion, paint & decorate the Handheld Mirror, Jewelry Box, and Star Wand to enjoy time & time again. This fantastic stay at a home craft will turn your little princess into a DIY DIVA.


Educational Activity: Water Doodle Mats


 Doodle pads are a quick and easy activity to entertain the kids. This multi-piece package is a great way to develop brain function and writing skills. Spend time getting creative with your little Picasso's or let them have fun and color with their friends. Kids use their magic water pens to color in vibrant scenes on their animal-themed Mat & Pad. A fantastic activity for both indoor AND outdoor time!


DIY - Paper Airplane Flight School

Remember that classic rock song by "Tom Petty" Learning To Fly? Well, you've finally got the chance to earn your wings! One of my personal favorite at-home activities to do with your kids. Cut out different size holes in a large poster board and assign a point value to each hole. Prop up your poster board with books or something sturdy and buckle up for take-off! Try changing the shape and style of your wings to improve your flying. Check out this neat Pinterest link we found for step-by-step folding.


Mess-Free Motorized "Busy Bunny" Egg Decorator

This is it! Make 2020 the year your family egg decorating event is "mess-free" and fun for all! It's so easy to make your easter eggs more colorful and creative than ever! This motorized busy bunny rotates your egg in place while you color on your designs. 10 bright and vibrant colors to pick from, Busy Bunny will keep the fun and creativity rolling for your family activity.


Backyard Home Run Derby: Water Balloon Edition!

 Trying to win Dad Of The Year? This outdoor activity will DEFINITELY get you on the podium. To convince mom of your plan, sell her on the "builds strong hand-eye coordination" idea, it's your best option... Fill a large bucket with water-balloons, grab a baseball bat, and head out to the yard. Make sure you're wearing the right clothes because you WILL get wet. Batter's Up! Take turns pitching the water balloons to one another. See who can hit the most out of 10, then switch!


DIY Decorations Unicorn Headbands

Having your kids home from school isn't always sunshine and rainbows. Plan a craft day for your daughters and make all 5 adorable Unicorn Headbands! This pre-packaged DIY kit has everything you could need and more. Use velcro stickers, fabric flowers, glitter ears, and unicorn horns to make your one-of-a-kind fashion accessory. Add some magic to their time home and wear your Unicorn headbands together around the house.


Arts and crafts provide your child with a fun and unique opportunity to learn and improve their skills. We can't guarantee you'll be able to get hours of work done while your children get there craft on. But every minute towards your goal counts in the #momlife world. Pay it forward and share this valuable information with a mom in need. Bringing joy to the World one celebration at a time. At JOYIN The Fun Starts Here! 🎉

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