Top 5 Places To Be For Your St. Patty’s Day Celebration!

Depending on how much “green beer” you consume that day...St. Patrick's Day can be a truly memorable time of year. While I enjoy green beer and flogging molly music as much as most people, this isn’t the only reason we celebrate this Irish holiday. I learned from the brave scholars over at Wikipedia that March 17th marks the death of Ireland's fifth-century patron saint, “St. Patrick”.

 According to folklore, St. Patrick introduced Christianity to the Irish people around 432 AD. Most people don’t know but he was also famous for inventing the popular cereal “Lucky Charms”. Ok so that last part may not be true, but St. Patrick was loved by many and rightly so.

Sometime around the 1980s, major beer companies like Budweiser started using this day as an excuse to promote their alcoholic beverages. I say Shame on you Budweiser! I wouldn’t even drink your beer If the horses in your commercials weren’t so darn cute!  Even though this once “holy and righteous” holiday isn’t celebrated how it once was. We think you can still have a pretty good time with your friends by putting on way to much green and stuffing yourselves with bar food. Here’s a list of The Top 5 St. Patty’s Day Destinations from around the world.


1. Dublin

Being the capitol of Ireland makes Dublin the obvious choice for the #1 spot on our list. You’d better get up early if you plan to attend this event. Over 500,000 people crowd together for this annual festival of what some might call the “Irish Meccah”. With less restricting views and laws on alcohol consumption in the beautiful country of Ireland. Having a hearty Guinness with your breakfast IS NOT frowned upon. Click here to find your green gear. You might be the only one without it if not…

2. New York

If you’re planning a trip to New York during march there’s no doubt you’re going to witness a sea of green! Do yourself a favor and bring some green attire so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb. A sequinned top hat or a pair of green socks will work wonders for a last-minute idea. While you’re there why not stop by St. Patricks Cathedral? That’s right! Built-in 1878 this neo-gothic masterpiece is right across from the Rockefeller Center. St. Patty’s Day events are happening all throughout the month and not just limited to one day. From Pub crawls to Bagpipes, New York is our #2 Spot to party it up St. Patrick Style. 

3. Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina may not be the first place you associate with St. Patricks Day. Surprisingly this South American destination draws over 500,000 people for the annual parade. On March 17th in Buenos Aires visitors will find St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the city’s ‘Irish Pubs’, such as DownTown Matías, Druid Inn, John John and The Kilkenny around the Retiro area. You might have a hard time finding Guinness but they will have other dark beers and traditional Irish dishes such as Colcanno, made the Argentinian way. 

4. Chicago

Remember how I mentioned witnessing a sea of green in New York? Well if your itinerary lands you in Chicago, it’ll be a green RIVER this time! Chicago actually uses a bright emerald green dye released by teams of boats to paint the river green. Believe it or not, back in 1961 the dye actually had a functional purpose. It was used to find leaks in the underground pipes leading into the river. One fine morning while eating his daily snack. The plumber’s union manager accidentally dropped one and only apple into the river. While leaning over and staring into the river with rage he realized the dye was a beautiful bright green. Perfect for honoring such an occasion as St. Patty’s Day. BTW for you tree huggers out there, the dye is completely eco-friendly. Or at least that’s what they say... 

5. Boston

Put on your Green bow-tie and head to Boston, Massachusetts. Number 5 on our list Is also a city with deep Irish roots. It’s safe to say that you won’t get bored during St. Patty’s Day in Boston. If you’re a music fan, catch one of the local concert series around the city. The Dropkick Murphies a famous Irish band from Boston put on shows every year.

Whether your planning to travel the globe or find a local Irish pub to celebrate this year’s festivities, we wish you all a safe trip. Fill up on delcious food, drink plenty of green beer but most importantly... DON’T FORGET TO WEAR GREEN. Click HERE to find the perfect St. Patty's Day Swag! 


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