10 MUST-DO For Throwing The Best Galantine's Party!



 A DAY FOR THE GALS? This is what we’ve been wanting to do for every single girls night! If you’re hosting it, you’ll sure need some advice from our party experts and your party will sure to be a huge hit. Done right and you can have a lively soiree, while still maintaining a classy vibe… #instagramable #galentinesday 


1. Location, Location, Location

Some questions to ask yourself before the decision might be…

“Will Uncle Bill knock over the whole punch bowl again like that family party in ‘97”

“Will Sarah track dirt/mud into my home and floors with her size 9 Ugg’s?”

“Will “Lucky” the family pet chew up my boss's shoes?”

When deciding on a location, keep in mind how many guests you plan to invite. Unless being cramped and having no personal space is something you and your friends enjoy… This will help ensure your guests are comfortable and have plenty of space to move about and mingle with ease.


2. Fancy Invitations Are Outdated... Try Something QUIRKY!

How else is everyone going to know about the party of the century if it’s just you and your cat “snuffles” sitting around reading Valentine’s cards to each other and loading up on delicious treats? 

Go the extra mile, design and personalize each invitation to a specific friend/family. This will make your guests feel important! Maybe choose a different llama keychain from this party pack we found based on what type/color you think that would match your friends the most! Be creative 🎉


3.Themed-Decorations & Matching Colors!

You’ve probably heard the phrase “first impressions mean everything” right?

Now imagine walking into that same party but with an elaborate set up that was well thought out and organized. Wouldn’t that be more enjoyable for you? Decorating your venue in the right fashion can take your party to the next level.

Traditionally the colors associated with Valentine's day are Red + Pink. To give your party a more grown-up vibe, try sticking to a muted color palette with creams, light pastels, and copper or silver accents. Throw in some light pink to bring in the classic color without making it overwhelming and busy. 


4. Stock Up On Supplies.

Hosting a party that is completely flawless is almost unheard of.

However, preparing (as much as possible) for common issues beforehand can get you that much closer to this near-impossible feat. One of the biggest and most common mistakes of “party hosting newbies” is running out of essential supplies.

Check once, then double-check you buy enough supplies to cover your whole guest list. We recommend buying a few extra of each item just to be safe. Accidents do happen…


5. Music: Sick Tunes = Good Vibe!

Getting a predetermined playlist set up and ready to go is a HUGE time saver. Go through your own music selection and pick out all the songs you think will perform best with your attendees. Create a playlist that will continually play for at least three hours. This should give you continual tunes through the whole event so you won’t miss a beat!

Click the link below for the ultimate valentine's day playlist.



6. Have A Child You Need to Entertain?

What about the kids you ask?... Who is going to watch the children while the adults are sipping wine and mingling about who won the latest bachelor? Don’t worry, here are several ideas to keep them entertained.

Classics such as “cooties catchers” or “bingo” with a valentine’s twist is a great way to get the party started. There are also some joke scratch-off cards that’d entertain both adults and kids! You can even use your new Spotify playlist to play a round of “musical hearts”. 


7. Food & Drinks 🤤

What party is complete without snacks and beverages? Create a colorful grazing board for you and your guests to devour. Valentine’s chocolates, heart-shaped cookies and an array of meats and cheeses are always a crowd-pleaser. If you’re a baker, maybe here are some ideas that could work for you…


Say “Cheese” (and Wine) - Get that Instagrammable Photos!

Make the memories last! Clear out a corner of your house to set up a Valentine’s Day photo booth. With some fun and easy props like balloons, a few strings of hearts or maybe even some wrapping paper as a backdrop. 

After all the wine consumption at the party, this might be the only way to remember the fun times had with all your gal pals.


9. Keep It “Light-Hearted” & Fun

Seriously though, encouraging people like “Lisa”, your Love-Drunk friend, to call an Uber or Lyft is probably a good idea. You would want the night to end on a good note otherwise all your hard work would mean nothing! 

One last thing you could do to make everything perfect is to give out some cute merch! Sequin & glitters are in trend right now - if you need some merch matching that theme, give out these cute sequinned keychains so your guests can take them home! 


 10. Ummmm... ever thought of inviting the awesome JOYIN team?

Okay, that might be a stretch but we promise we’ll bring the fun! After all, we did provide a good handful of tips for you to host your ride-or-die gals to have the best time ever! Just kidding, stay safe & have fun! Happy Galentine’s!  

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