Valentines Day: 10 Fun (Sugar FREE) Classroom Gift Exchange Ideas For Kids!

Tired of being the same old candy fairy of the class every year during Valentine’s day classroom exchange? There used to be a time when it’s so exciting to give that special someone or your friends those cute handmade cards… 

Well, don’t stress out thinking how unhealthy candies can be or how time-consuming handmade cards could be, we have prepared the perfect list.

1. Mini Construction Toys for Future Engineers!

MIX it up & LIFT the valentine spirits with a Mini Construction Vehicle Set for Kids! It’s the perfect gift for kids’ school classroom prizes, gift exchange, not-too-pink love notes and more!

2. Magic Scratch set with Marble Bouncing Ball

 Let imagination soar as your child scratches colorful drawings onto the space-themed greeting cards. No kids dislike bouncy balls & drawing!

3. Valentine's Cards with Realistic Zoo Animals

We’re WILD about this Valentine’s day toy animal play set! If your kids love lions, tigers, crocodiles or basically anything with 4 legs, the animal classroom set will keep them happily entertained for a while.

4. Let’s go Retro with the Animal-Themed Temporary Tattoo with Cards! 

Didn’t we guarantee that you’re “TOAD-ally” going to love these unique valentine’s day ideas? What’s a better way to bring back the old days other temporary tattoos!

5. Classic Tic-Tac-Toe Valentine's Greeting Cards Game Set! 

Did you know Tic-Tac-Toe was invented 3000 years ago?
Put their brains to work and let them challenge their little friends to a competitive game!

6. Colorful Unicorn Puppet with Matching Valentine's Cards

Who doesn’t love a magical valentine’s day?
This is the perfect conversation starter and pretend-play toy for the little ones to boost their social skills!

 7. Not a Fan of Unicorns? We Also Found Dinosaur Finger Puppet Cards!

It’s okay not to want the blessing of unicorns, but we look out for our JAW-some dinosaur lovers too!

8. Fun Sea Creatures Toys with Cards & Fish Bags to Transport Your Love!

Nemo celebrates love too! We are ready to stir up waves of joy and some serious “em-OCEAN” this Valentine’s day! No one would EVER expect you to bring in bags of seahorse, lobsters, starfish and more into the classroom.

9. Funky Stick-On Monster Round Eyes with Cards!

Be goofy and make all the kids in the class laugh with silly faces behind monster eyes. With the flexibility of having several cute eyes per card, the little ones can have endless fun and show their true originality through decorating the monster’s eyes!

10. Monsters Are Too Scary?  How About Some Super Cute Mochi Squishy Toy?

What kid (or adult for that matter…) doesn’t enjoy a cute little squishy friend to name and play with? Just looking at it would make ANYONE melt! Sharing these adorable little characters with friends, classmates, or anyone would put a smile on anyone’s face!



 Okay… here is the BONUS: 
Assorted Valentine’s Day Stationery Gift Set

Maybe this is a last-minute Valentine’s idea research, maybe you think your little ones already have enough toys?
Well, we can guarantee that stationery gift sets could never go wrong! It has cute valentine messages, from/to message boxes, pencils, erasers, stickers, and stampers.
 Don’t you wish your Valentine’s Day classroom exchange gift ideas are as cool as this?
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