11 Fun DIY Quarantine Crafts for Kids!
Are your kids running around your house driving you crazy? With COVID in our world, there are far fewer things for our youngsters to be entertained by. Dropping the kids off at a local pool or day camp is a thing of the past. To keep your sanity and give you some extra time for getting that list of chores done. Here are 11 fun DIY crafts for kids! A great way to keep your kids happy and entertained. Plus develop essential skills like cutting with scissors. Click on the images or titles below for more instructions.

diy twig picture frame

Rustic DIY Twig Picture Frame

Does your family love to hang pictures and other crafts around the house? Seeing fun memories, friends, and loved ones from all throughout life is a beautiful thing. We found a fun AND basically free way to make your pictures even more special! 

The items you'll need for this at-home DIY craft can probably be found lying around your house. Grab a few handfuls of twigs or small sticks. Shuffle through a few drawers and locate some old twine or ribbon and you're ready to get crafty! If you're feeling extra fancy, you can purchase decorative twine at places like Hobby-Lobby or Michaels.


DIY glow-in-the-dark jellyfish craft for kids

Glow-in-the-Dark Jellyfish Craft for Kids

The fact that jellyfish have lived for over 650 million years with no brains has got to be hope for some of us, right?! paper plates and yarn you can transform into these denizens of the deep. It’s easier than you think to find things lying around your house to use for crafts. Transform basic paper plates and yarn into bright, glowing jellyfish! you can use glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint, you can even see their "bioluminescence" in action when you turn out the lights. Turn out the lights and use glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint to see their “bioluminescence” in action.


DIY Googly eyed monster tissue-box

DIY Cute-Eyed Tissue Box Monsters

This planet we call earth is home. To keep it clean it’s important to do our part and recycle when we can. Teach your kids at a young age the importance of recycling. A great way is by repurposing items around your house to create fun crafts. You’ve heard the old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

You probably have empty tissue boxes lying around the house already. Instead of tossing them out, repurpose them into fun DIY tissue box monsters! Paint the empty tissue box with bright, vibrant colors. Glue funny eyes, pom-poms, and whatever items you’d like to make your DIY monster tissue box your own! 

When you're done, use the extra pom-poms to "feed" the monster. Turn it into a minute-to-win-it game by seeing how many pom-poms players can toss into the monster's mouth in 60 seconds.


DIY Felt bookmark craft for kids

Super-Cute DIY Elastic Felt Bookmarks!

Technology sure has changed over the last 20 years! A lot of people do the majority of their reading from a tablet or phone. The convenience is nice but we still love opening up a good ole fashioned paper book every now and then. Being the bibliophile that you are, it only makes sense to have your own custom bookmark. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to find your lost page while in the middle of an epic adventure! 

Now sure, you could pick up a bookmark at the store, but not only would that cost you money, but the bookmarks you buy wouldn’t be nearly as special! Reading is a personal thing, so your bookmark should be personalized as well! There’s no better way to personalize something than to craft it yourself! We found great instructions from this blog online “Adorable DIY Felt Bookmarks


Quarantine Crafts for kids - DIY Fairies in a jar | JOYIN

At-Home Fairy in-a-jar Night-light!

Do you love all things magical and mystical? Unicorns, leprechauns, bigfoot OH MY! It’s fun to use our imagination and believe in these types of things. One of my favorite mythical creatures has got to be fairies! How could you not love them?! I mean have you seen Tinkerbell? ADORABLE! This DIY is all about those fun little pixies. Plus they make a great night light for kids in dark bedrooms! 


Quarantine Crafts for kids at home DIY Race track on the ground made out of colorful tape

At-Home, Tape Race Car Track

Racers start your engines…on your marks, get set…tape! Surprise your kids with an indoor racetrack. The best part about it is that you can fit this racetrack to any space. Creating this DIY toy car race track with your kids challenges them to be creative, engage in imaginative play, and gives you a teachable moment to talk about the importance of recycling. 


Quarantine Crafts for kids - diy glow in the dark bubbles

Easy Glow-In-The-Dark Bubbles

If there’s one summer distraction that I love, it’s bubbles! I usually keep a small bottle in my purse for those toddler meltdowns that are rarely cured. These glow in the dark bubbles are a fun addition to camp-outs and sleepovers in the backyard as well. They’re easy to make, and you probably have all of the ingredients at home right now to get things “Poppin”! 


Quarantine crafts for kids - DIY Parachute men toy

DIY Parachute Men (or women) Toys! 

Sometimes the most simple of projects can be the most fun! The coolest part of this activity is that kids can decorate the parachute any way they’d like so each one is unique! Create teams of toys using colors, or just decorate for each individual toy. Build something with LEGOs and watch them glide to the ground with their parachute or attach any small toy to the parachute. 


Quarantine Crafts for kids - DIY bubble wrap paint prints

Bubble-Wrap Paint Stencil Art Craft

Bubble Wrap Printing is a fun and easy DIY for kids. With endless possibilities. Kids can play with colors and patterns to create frame-worthy works of art. Transform them into snakes, lizards, fish, collages, or mosaics. With just a few materials and minimal prep, this is great entertainment for a rainy day or restless group of kids! 


Quarantine Crafts for kids - DIY bubble wands | JOYIN

DIY Bubble-Wand Station

When I think about summer I think of endless play dates at the park, the smell of sunscreen, time spent at the pool, and one of my favorite summer activities, blowing bubbles! I love how the joy of blowing bubbles never gets old no matter your age. This is exactly why a DIY bubble wand making station is a perfect summer activity for kids. 


Quarantine Crafts for kids - DIY wall shapes & colors

Abstract Window Art Craft for Kids

Don't worry, we're not suggesting you surrender your patio doors to your kids' artistic ambitions. This activity only requires transparency sheets and water, so it's totally removable. Super easy to make as it only uses one material.

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