How to Make Quarantine Time FUN for your Kids!



In the past few months, our lives took an unexpected turn. Most of us are home more than ever meaning the routine of activities and learning of our kids has transformed. Being at home doesn’t mean putting fun and learning on pause. How do we make learning fun? With the help of STEM TOYS! STEM Toys are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math based toys that work towards expanding learning, curiosity, and education. 


170 piece Vibrant Colored Marble Run Toy Set for Kids

You'll Lose Your Marbles over these Colorful Marble Runs! 

At Joyin, we have several STEM Toy recommendations. One of our favorites is the 170 piece Marble Run set, which stimulates creativity and enhances hand-eye coordination. Package includes 120 vibrant track pieces + 50 glass marbles. Kids will use their imagination to build tracks and enjoy the reward of their work as their marbles speed down their uniquely built designed obstacle run. Gain patience and improve problem-solving skills with any one of our Marble Run Sets! 150 Piece Run, 154 Piece Run, 181 Piece Run, 196 Piece Run


Young Boy playing with Educational Building toy set

Educational STEM Thinker Toy Learning Set 

If you are looking to take it to the next level, we recommend the Educational STEM Thinker Toy Learning set! Our Thinker Toy sets are an excellent IQ boosterLet your child embark on the challenge of building their own cars, robots, animals, and anything they can imagine! This Educational STEM Thinker Toy Learning Set includes 163 pieces of building blocks, an electric power drill, and a secure storage box. A perfect time to nurture those little future engineers! 


Wooden Tool Bench for Kids Toy Hammer | STEM TOY

It's Tool Time! - Wooden Bench with Hammer 

Is your little one into building and tools?! This Toy Wooden tool bench is a fantastic way of learning essential skills. Develop your coloring sorting, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more! This Workbench has a screwdriver with wooden screws, a hammer to pound away at different shapes and colors, and your very own drawer to hold all your tools in one spot. You can't go wrong with such a long-lasting brain-boosting toy like this to keep your kids entertained during the quarantine.

DIY Paper Rocket Straw Launcher STEM Toy

3, 2, 1 Blast Off! DIY Paper Rocket Ship  

This is a fun STEM craft we found on Pinterest. You can print out the rocket ship stencil here and color it in your own unique design! Then use a straw to blast your rocket high into the air! Challenge your friends or family to see who can make their rocket soar the highest. This at-home project is super fun and easy to do. Most of the materials can be found around your house and it's a wonderful way to keep your kiddo's busy during this quarantine season.


Are you looking to hold your child’s attention for longer bursts of time while growing their creative skills and brain development? Arts and Crafts are a creative and easy solution! An extra health factor is arts and crafts have therapeutic benefits, which is helpful during this time of significant change to daily routines. Check out the link below to enjoy FREE printable coloring pages that both you and your child can enjoy!

Mom and daughter sitting at a table coloring the unicorn craft

Color & Design Your Own Blow Up Unicorn!

Arts and crafts don’t have to be expensive or messy and can easily be done in the comfort of our own homes. If you’re looking for something more advanced, we love the blow up unicorn coloring craft toy set. The toy set comes with an unpainted blow up unicorn, 12 colorful markers, a sticker sheet, a hand air pump, and over 100 pieces stickers, including sequins & gemstone to make your unicorn friend unique!

Young girl holding DIY Unicorn Headbands in front of a space themed background

DIY Unicorn Fashion Headbands 

Your social scene may be on hold, but that doesn’t mean trendy style needs to be sacrificed. Delve into fashion and creativity with our DIY Fashion Headbands Craft Kit. Your child can create their own unique style headbands that come with flowers, butterflies, ribbons, feathers, rhinestones, etc. 


Beat the summer heat with exhilarating backyard activities! A fun way to stay active and connect the whole family! Bring out your competitive sides by challenging your family to an epic water gun battle with our Water Gun Water Blasters. Soak and spray, laugh and play!

Giant Inflatable Unicorn Yard Sprinkler for Kids!

Giant Blow Up Unicorn Sprinkler

Beat the summer heat and ensure kids’ entertainment with one of our uniquely designed water sprinklers. Water Sprinklers are a great way to stay cool and active! From our inflatable water dragon to a palm tree, we have a variety of fun inflatable sprinkler designs your child is sure to love.

2 supreme Pizza inflatable Floats

Supreme Fun with Supreme Pizza Floats

Who doesn’t love to kick back and relax on the water? Relax, float, splash, and play with our Supreme Pizza Slice Raft. Yum! Our Pizza Slice rafts are even equipped with raft connectors to collect more slices to form a whole pizza! 


Young Boy Shooting Water guns into home-made obstacle course

Water Gun Race Obstacle Course 

How cool is this idea?! Another great DIY from Pinterest. With this exciting at-home entertainment you can set up your obstacle course to race against friends, Using your water guns to blast your cup to the finish line first. Stay cool and have fun all in one. For more detailed instructions check out the full blog article here.


Toys are one of the best ways to catch our kids’ hearts and attention that stimulate brain and physical activity. For a unique toy that is an absolute blast, we love the Giant Inflatable Bowling Set. SPARE your cash with this great deal of giant blow-up bowling pins and blow up ball that are sure to be right up your ALLEY. It is fun, active, competitive, and an all-around good time for a variety of ages.

Young Boy Playing With Step-On Self Pitching Baseball Toy

Automatic Pitching Machine With Inflatable Catcher

Now more than ever is when kids are growing their love and skills for sports from their own backyard. Our Step-On Baseball Pitching Machine Toy Set makes that possible for building a future baseball player. Our set includes one step-on auto ball feeder, plastic balls, collapsible plastic baseball bat, and even an inflatable catcher! Your kids can practice independently and grow their sports skills from their own backyard.

Two young kids playing on a dinosaur themed play mat

Imaginative Dinosaur World Play-Mat 

Most of us are unable to adventure and explore the way we desire. Although we can’t jet off to travel the world, we can create adventure and exploration from home. Visit another world through our Imaginative Dinosaur World toy set. Our set includes a vivid dinosaur park map, an informational and colorful dinosaur booklet, 15 kinds of dinosaurs, and more! This Dinosaur World Set is a great way to ensure your kids’ fun and entertainment will never go extinct!










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