4 Amazing Ways To Find Unicorns Anywhere!

Everywhere you turn, it seems like the mythical creature known as the unicorn is...well...everywhere! Unicorn halloween costumes, makeup tutorials and even drinks at Starbucks. And we are not mad about it! The unicorn has come to represent enchantment, magic, and freedom and if you are lucky enough to find one, you are stumbling upon something rare and special. A rare breed indeed! 

These one-horned magical horse-y creatures are not just for little girls and boys (btw, the costume possibilities are endless for your little ones), they have also become a “spirit animal” for adults too! No matter what age you may be, channeling your inner unicorn is synonymous with being unique, vibrant and colorful! A unicorn costume makes a great choice for Halloween, too! Who doesn’t need a little sparkly pizzazz in their life? Especially in these weird and uncertain times.  

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Here at Joyin, we celebrate all things fantasy, rainbows and the colorful, shimmery vibe the unicorn brings. Not only did we do our research, and found some real unicorn facts, BUT we are now happy to report that you can find unicorns in the most unusual places. Read on to find out where they might pop up! 



We know it sounds nuts but unicorns are on that daily grind just like everybody else. They gotta make a living too, right? According to folklore, they are known to be quick on their feet. They may only appear at their desk for a few moments, clock in some quick data entry and POOF! Gone in a flash! If you’re lucky they may leave a trail of powder from their horn, which is said to be a healing elixir if you are sick or poisoned. Sounds like a great thing to have in the office first aid kit!


Did you know that a winged unicorn is actually called an alicorn or a pegasi? Since they have wings, they don’t need to stand in the security line at the airport. But, it’s good to know that unicorns are just like us! After all, the unicorn is the official animal of Scotland, so sometimes they make the trek back to show their face. 



And finally, YOU can be a unicorn wherever you want to be! Could be at home or walking in the park. And if you're lucky enough to touch a unicorn, legend has it that you will find happiness forever! Well, you should be like us and find your inner unicorn spirit because if you live it, you can BE it! 

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