A Guide to Christmas Tree Decorating
The origin of the Christmas tree all began in Germany when people would bring trees in their homes to celebrate Christmas and decorate them with candles. The tradition of it moved over to America in the 1850s after everyone finally accepted the German culture of Christmas. We swapped out the idea of decorating the tree with nuts and fruits for handmade ornaments. Eventually after electricity was invented Christmas tree lights replaced candles so that the tree could shine bright for much longer. After that, America started having Christmas trees everywhere including the Rockefeller Center and inside everyone’s home! 
Even though people were using real trees back then, artificial trees have become a lot more popular in the modern day. There were already artificial trees around, such as aluminum from the 1950s and classic wooden trees from even earlier, but we didn’t get the artificial plastic trees we use today until 2005. 80% of Americans have mostly reformed to artificial trees because they come pre-lit, it saves trees from being harvested for the season, and it’s easy to set up/take down. 
Since we have some awesome artificial trees, here’s a great guide on how to decorate them with some fun and beautiful products to make your tree everything you’ve ever wanted it to be!


If you can’t decide on what to put on your tree, these decoration kits are helpful:



Joiedomi Christmas Tree with Decoration Kit 6 FT
This kit comes with a 6 foot tall artificial tree that is pre-lit and includes all the decorations you need to fully cover your tree. The decorating kit has different sized ball, snowflake, bow, christmas card and poinsettia ornaments, as well as a gold tree topper star and absolutely beautiful large bell ornament! 


Joiedomi Pop Up Christmas Tree 6FT
This type of tree is a bit more of a newer concept for Christmas because it is an even faster and more efficient way to set up Christmas decor than ever before. All you have to do is set up the base, the stand, and then the tree falls into place! The only thing left is to put the tree topper in place and plug it in! 


If you want to decorate your tree your way, there are also some fun other products that can help you make your home feel special this Christmas. Now that you have your own tree set up, it’s time to decorate!



Joiedomi Star Christmas String Lights
These lights are absolutely stunning and definitely give the warm glow of Christmas wherever they are used. Personally, I think they’re a great addition to a Christmas especially if your tree topper is a star! There’s also different modes so if you want them to blink, be a little dimmer, etc.


Joiedomi Snowflake Fairy Lights Pure White
If you’re looking for another shaped light that’s super cute and gives a Christmas theme these snowflake lights are gorgeous. They’re battery powered too which makes putting them on your tree super easy to do (sometimes it’s hard to plug in so many lights all at once). If you want a warmer color, there is also a warm white



Joiedomi Clear Wire LED Christmas String Lights (Single Stranded)
These lights are more close to the traditional strands of white lights you would put on your christmas tree. The difference now is that these are LEDs so they’re a bit smaller and brighter! The single strands help with making sure the entire tree is lit!



Joiedomi Blue Green Wire LED Christmas Lights 
If you need a different color to set the mood of Christmas then these are for you! Personally I love the green colored wire with lights because they’re easier to camouflage in your Christmas tree. Trust me, you won’t have a blue Christmas with these! 




Joyin 2-pcs Christmas Sushi Ornament 
How can you not want some sushi after seeing these? They are too cute and are perfect for any sushi lover! 



Joyin Sports 4 Pack Ball Ornaments
Have an athlete in the family? These ornaments are perfect to represent and support your sports-loving fam! There’s a volleyball, basketball, soccer ball, and tennis ball!



JOYIN Christmas Glass Video Game Controller Ornament
If there’s anything we’ve learned from 2020 is that there are a lot of gamers in everyone’s family that worship their games. These controller ornaments are perfect for you to get your gamer and show they PWN!



JOYIN Christmas Glass Blown Ornament Taco and Burrito Set 
These have to be my favorite themed ornaments I have ever seen. They look delicious! Who doesn’t love taco tuesday? Or even just burritos in general? Make your tree flavorful and fun this Christmas!


JOYIN Rainbow Color Scratch Angel Christmas Ornaments
What a fun way to get together and make your OWN ornaments for your tree. All you have to do is scratch a design on and boom! A decorations for years to come!



Joiedomi 9 Pcs Boozeball Christmas Ornaments
These are a favorite as well due to the fact that they are both a decoration and a gift you can give! We all get into the holiday “spirit” with these! 



Joiedomi 6 Pcs LED Wooden Reindeer Ornaments
Feel the light and love of Christmas with these unique LED lit reindeer ornaments. They’re a modern twist on a traditional ornament.  


JOYIN Wooden Mini Christmas Ornaments Set 
Have a tiny tree or like to collect miniatures? These forty eight different ornaments are Christmas themed and adorably small! 


Joyin 2.4" Glass Iridescent Snowflake and Icicle Ornaments 
We all know why this is in the traditional section, it’s because a tree cannot be a Christmas tree without icicle ornaments and snowflakes! 


Joiedomi Ball Ornaments Set Red and Gold 
It’s always hard to find ball ornaments that look cohesive, especially if you have a tree that is one specific theme. This set has a beautiful array of ball ornaments in red, gold, and silver with a multitude of designs as well!



Joyin Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Bows

Red velvet bows are a staple of Christmas and is one of the most traditional symbols of home decor when it comes to the holiday. You get twelve bows in this pack to cover your Christmas tree or anywhere!


Ornament Packs: 

Joyin Set of 12 Colorful Glass Icicle Ornaments
Handmade ornaments have gone back to the early days of when America finally started having Christmas trees, these are a perfect example of a handmade ornament! Each icicle has different colors and designs!



Joiedomi 110 Pcs Blue, White, and Silver Christmas Assorted Ornaments with a Silver Star Tree Topper
Following the decoration kits from above, this ornament comes with everything you need to decorate your tree! It comes with an assortment of ornaments that are of all different kinds, a tree topper, and decorative beads! There are also similar decorating kits that come in pink, and red.


Joiedomi 24 Pcs Christmas Ball Ornaments
Need some ball ornaments to make your tree feel full? These ornaments come in gold matte, glitter, disco ball, and swirls. They also come in sets of teal, silver, red, and champagne!



Joiedomi 10 Pcs Clear Plastic Fillable Christmas Ball Ornaments 
Feeling crafty or want to give a fun gift this Christmas? You can fill these ornaments with anything you like! Whether it’s hot chocolate you want to give to a neighbor or you want to make an ornament for your tree, these are a fun way to decorate! 



Tree Toppers:


Joyin Christmas Tree Topper Snowman Hugger

Top your tree with a hug this year, this snowman will help you be warm and full of love this Christmas! He also has a super cute scarf!


Joiedomi Gold Glitter Star Tree Topper

This topper is a bit more rustic looking, it beats any traditional star! 



Joiedomi Silver Star Tree Topper

These type of tree toppers are taking tree decorating to a new level! Not only are they beautiful without light, but they are even more stunning with the light projections they create! You can also find these in gold and with projections that are multi-color!


Joiedomi Glitter Silver Snowflake Tree Topper 

If a snowflake is more of your style than a star, then this is the topper for you! It sparkles, has multi-colored projections and is so beautiful! 


Tree Skirts

Joiedomi Christmas Tree Skirt with Snowman & Christmas Tree, 48"

This tree skirt is a cute traditional style made of burlap and is larger than most tree skirts to hold all of the presents you worked hard to wrap! The burlap is very durable too so it can be a staple for Christmases to come!


Joiedomi 36” Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt

This faux fur tree skirt gives a modern edge to give you a chic Christmas. It's also so and white that it will feel like you have snow in your home! This one is a fan favorite for home decor this year.


48" Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Skirt - Black and Red 

 It isn't all bad if you're covered in plaid! This tree skirt is a personal favorite because it is just so cute with the red and black plaid. This tree skirt matches the red and black plaid bows mentioned above! 



Joiedomi Christmas Tree Skirt with Cute 3D Santa Claus

Everything is better in 3D! This Santa Claus is by far the most unique in the traditional sense of tree skirts because he pops out! This is such a fun way to have an animated Santa for your kids!

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