After Christmas Organizing

It's that time of year again, the holidays are officially over and we're stuck hauling all of our Christmas gear back into storage. Instead of stressing over how you're going to shove your tree in a box or back in the closet, there are far better ways to get organized! Nowadays there are amazing storage options for everything to do with Christmas so that each year it's less of a hassle when it's time to put things away. Here are some amazing options to help you get organized!

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Christmas Tree Storage


Joiedomi Christmas Tree Storage Bag 65"

Looking for a sturdy bag to store your Christmas tree? Well, this storage bag made of waterproof canvas is sure to protect your tree from dust, moisture, and pests. This spacious bag is designed to keep your tree intact, and its green color is perfect to remind you that a Christmas tree is hidden there ready for next year!


Joiedomi 65” Christmas Tree Storage Bag

No worries if you are going for a red bag though. We also got this one! Made of waterproof canvas as well, this will keep your Christmas tree in shape for another ten months or so waiting for a tree makeover next Holiday season!


Joiedomi Christmas Tree and Christmas Wreath Storage Bags

Nothing beats how we try to reuse things. It saves us a lot of money. Well, why not pair a Christmas Tree bag and a Christmas Wreath bag? This 2-in-1 sturdy set will surely provide you with the storage covers you need! 


Wreath Storage


Joiedomi 2 Pack Wreath Storage Container

Every year, we just have no idea where to put our Christmas wreaths. Thankfully Joiedomi has these tear-proof and waterproof round bags designed to keep wreaths of multiple sizes protected for next year. No more worrying, now you can store your wreath and have peace of mind!


Joiedomi Clear Christmas Wreath Storage Container

Those who love transparent bags and don’t want to completely hide their wreaths away, we got you! These bags with the see-through element would just like to remind us how we wish everyday is a Christmas day! 


Joiedomi 2 Pack Wreath Storage Bag Canvas

Who doesn’t want to play with colors, right? These green bags complement the colors of the wreaths just to make it a fun uniformed theme at home. They're waterproof and help protect from all of the other weather conditions of the year!


Ornament Storage

Joiedomi Christmas Ornament Storage Box

It just breaks our hearts to see our Christmas balls getting deformed and scratched after trusting that a wooden cabinet will do no harm to them. Well, here’s a good alternative. Buy your decors a good home with this Christmas Ornament Storage Box. This three-layered box with handy cardboard dividers will keep your bubbles nestled in peace until the next holiday season!


Joiedomi Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Adjustable Dividers

Putting away ornaments always is difficult especially trying to coordinate what goes where. This four-layered box made of high-quality fabric and heavy-duty cardboard dividers can store up to 64 ornaments to solve that problem. This comes in green too!

Joiedomi Red Plastic Ornament Storage Box

Keep the Christmas theme with this four-layered plastic storage box with a classic holiday red and green dots design. This comes with handy trays and cardboard dividers that can store up to 64 ornaments as well. This one is made of a hardy plastic if you’re more into that than canvas!


Wrapping Paper Storage  

Joiedomi 40” Wrapping Paper Storage Box (Green)

One of the last-minute things we buy every Christmas season is definitely wrapping paper for our gifts! Joiedomi's Wrapping Paper Storage Box comes in handy for unused wrapping paper and any extras! This oxford-polyester fabric-made box comes with heavy-duty carry handles, labeling card slot, and metal dual zippers, it's very sturdy!


Joiedomi 2 Pack Christmas Wrapping Paper Storage Bag Set

If you want something that just hangs on your wall at the same time keeping your wrapping papers safe from dust and water, this Wrapping Paper Storage Bag Set saves the day! The cylinder shape is designed for storing up to 20 rolls and doesn’t take up much space in your room. Perfect for safe keeping!


Joiedomi Clear Gift Wrap Organizers Set, 2 Pack (White)

If you just love having transparent bags, then this is more than convenient. These cylinder bags made of clear PVC material are durable and waterproof allowing you to see the wrapping paper in it. Get these now and start cleaning up to start a fresh year! This comes in red and black too!

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