MUST-HAVE Halloween Costume Accessories!

Halloween Cosplay LED Mask Light Up Scary Skull/Clown Mask
Light-Up LED Face Mask

Take the classic clown costume to a whole new level with this Light-up LED face mask! Perfect for Halloween parties, music events, raves, and more. With multiple light modes, your face-mask can switch from constant light to flashing for a fun and scary effect. Two AA batteries power your spooky mask for hours on end. These Light-up LED Masks to come in lots of vibrant colors and shapes for the ultimate Halloween accessory! 


Halloween Cosplay LED Mask Light Up Scary Skull/Clown Mask
Light-Up LED Skull Mask

Another terrifyingly cool Halloween costume accessory to consider is the Light-Up LED Skull Mask. This face mask is not made for the faint-hearted. Make your friends and family tremble in fear once they see this spooky lit Skull coming their way! Just like the option above your face-mask can switch from constant light to flashing for a fun and scary effect. 


Joyin Toy 5 Pieces Halloween Pirate Toy Costume Accessory Set
Pirate Costume Accessories

Time to practice your ‘Aaaarrr’s’ and ‘Ahoy Matey’s!’ Just don’t get too carried away and make you mean “Uncle Larry” walk the plank. Pirates have been around for hundreds of years, so it makes sense that “Pirate” costumes are still popular and relevant today. Includes 1Gold Pirate Mask, 1 Pirate Jacket, 1 Toy Pistol (16 Inches), 1 Compass, and 1 Telescope (with magnifying optics). The Toy Pistol Makes Firing Sounds and Pretend Sparks when Triggered! Last but not least A Real Functional Scope with Magnifying Optics Perfect for Pirate Role Play. This Pirate accessory set has everything you need to look just like a real Pirate! (buried treasure not included)


Rockstar 90s Heavy Metal Rocker Costume with Wig, Gloves, Sunglasses and Bandanas Halloween Costumes for Men
Party Like A Rockstar Costume Accessories 

Big houses & fast cars are some of the things that come with being a rockstar! While we can't guarantee any of those luxuries... We CAN guarantee you'll look the part! This Rockstar Costume Kit includes Red-Brown Long Wig, Biker Gloves, Sunglasses, and Bandanas in 3 Colors (Blue, Red, and Black).


Spooktacular Creations 3 pcs Egyptian Queen Halloween Costume Set
3 pcs Egyptian Queen Halloween Costume 

Travel back to ancient times and pretend you are Egypt’s most famous queen! A fierce ruler that’s ready to party! This Egyptian Queen Accessories Set Includes three pieces of Jewelry.  One piece of Headwear, a bendable magnet snake necklace, and a pair of bracelets. The snake necklace is made of strong and durable alloy. The magnet attached to the head of the snake makes the piece versatile. It allows you to connect it to any part of the snake's body to fit its purpose. You can use it as a necklace, a wrap bracelet, or an armband. You will look as elegant and gorgeous as ever when you wear this at your next Halloween party or Social gathering!


Adult Hippie Wig - Costume Set Accessories
 Far-Out Hippie Wig 

Totally Far Out! Re-live those crazy times you had in the 60's (maybe not all of them...) with this groovy hippie accessories set! This Halloween wig set includes 1 Hippie Wig, 1 Wig Cap, 1 Tie-dye headband, 1 pair of Rainbow Glasses, 1 pair of Earrings,1 necklace, 3 Button (pins) and 6 Temporary Tattoos. Don't worry One size fits all! We also have a set for men as well!


Spooktacular Creations 1920s Retro Timeless Old Hollywood Flapper Gatsby Accessories Set for Women Halloween Dress Up
1920s Retro Timeless Hollywood Flapper

Channel your vintage vibes with this timeless retro costume. Thee perfect outfit for any fancy soiree or Gatsby themed party. Feel and look elegant like the true lady that you are. This accessory set includes Flapper Headband, Satin Gloves, Pearl Necklace, Chandelier Ear Rings, and Black Cigarette Holder.

5 pcs Kitten Kitty Cat Costume Accessories Set for Adult and Child

Who Said Black Cat's are Bad Luck?

Black cats are not a sign of bad luck, they’re super adorable! Dress up like an irresistible fur baby this Halloween with this 5 pc. Kitten Kitty Cat Costume Accessories. This costume is so comfortable, and adorable that you would always look forward to wearing it. Kitten Mittens Neko Cosplay Accessories Set Includes Kitty Cat Ears Headband, 1 Pair of Cat Paw, Cat Choker with Pink Bow Tie, and Cat Tail with a Bow Tie and Bell.




Halloween Hair-bows! (12 Pack)

The perfect accessories for parents who have little girls that are too scared to get all bloody and dirty but still want to dress up for Halloween. These adorable hair clips add a fun flair to almost any outfit. Each pack contains 12 different hair clips in 6 different designs, including pumpkin, white ghost, candy corn, spooky eyes, kitchen knife with blood, and bloody hands. Those last two sound a bit scary when typing out. LOL . Make sure your Halloween party includes trunk or treat games! Kids won't want to miss the excitement!


JOYIN Pack of 8 Halloween Glasses Frame Costume Eyeglasses for Halloween Party Supplies and Party Favors, Assorted Styles (One Size Fits All)


Spooky Halloween Glasses Party Pack 

If you’re ready to get funky at your next Halloween party these glasses are made just for you! As promised these Halloween accessories bring everyone a unique style with a variety of designs to choose from. With 8 unique designs in each set you can share these Halloween themed glasses with your family, friends, or Neighboring kids during Halloween events


Spooktacular Creations 9 Pcs Adult Women 80's Costume Accessories Set for Retro 80's Fancy Dress Party and Halloween Cosplay Costume Party


Retro 1980's  Women's Accessories

Girls just wanna have fun right?! Well now's your chance! This 80's Night Accessories includes black and pink tutu skirt, black fingerless fishnet gloves, teal leg warmers, pink hollow teardrop earrings, pink lace headband, neon elastic headband, pink beaded necklace, multi-color bracelet, and pink heart-shape glasses.

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