15 Epic Halloween Yard Decorations!



Halloween 8 FT Yard Inflatable Pumpkin Knight with Build-in LEDs

8 FT Inflatable Pumpkin Knight with Build-in LEDs

What better way to defend your home from grueling monsters this Halloween than this 8 FT Inflatable Pumpkin Knight. This spooky yard decoration has swirling LED lights, 10ft extended cord, ground stakes, fastened ropes, and built-in sandbags. It’s as easy as plugging in and watching everything pop up in several minutes. Let this pumpkin-headed knight protect and light up your home this Halloween! Keep the Halloween spirit alive with trunk or treat games at your party. Kids will love the excitement!


Halloween 4FT Yard Inflatable Projection Kaleidoscope Spider with Build-in LEDs

Giant Kaleidoscope LED Inflatable Spider

Creepy crawlies are the star of every Halloween celebration. Decorate your lawn with this 4FT Inflatable Projection Kaleidoscope Spider, it has LED Swirling Lights Built inside and comes with a 10ft extended cord, ground stakes, fastened ropes, and built-in sandbags. Just plugin and everything pops up nice and easy! Light up your front yard with this unique Spider decoration. Get more about 


14.1 Ft Halloween Hanging Ghost with Light-Up Eyes, Giant Hanging Grim Reaper

Giant 14.1 ft Hanging Grim Reaper 

If you've been on the prowl for something really spooky for this year's Halloween decorations, you've come to the right place. Yes, you are reading that correctly this Giant Grim reaper is 14.1 ft long. The perfect addition to two-story homes or archways. The bright red LED eyes looks down upon your guests as they approach your Haunted House. With three settings, your larger than life decoration also makes a variety of ghoulling noises. Premium quality. Made of high-quality PVC plastic and polyester. This light-weight gauzy hanging reaper is easy to set up and remove.



Halloween 6 FT Yard Inflatable Ghost Pushing Pumpkin Cart with Build-in LEDs

6ft Inflatable Ghost Pushing Pumpkin Cart

Decorate your home with this faBOOlous ghost inflatable. Nothing says Halloween like A 6ft tall Ghost pushing a pumpkin cart. With bright LED lights to illuminate your Halloween yard inflatable.


Halloween 8 FT Yard Inflatable Scary Tree with Build-in LEDs

8ft Creepy Tree Yard Inflatable

Want to create a terrifying mini forest for your Halloween party? We got you covered with this  8 FT Inflatable Scary Tree! This is perfect for your mini graveyards or haunted forests! Its lights up come with 10ft extended cord, ground stakes, fastened ropes, and built-in sandbags. This is the perfect addition to your Halloween decorations!


Halloween Decorations Flashing Peeping Eyes Lights

Motion Activated LED Light-Up Eyes

What's that lurking in the bushes?! An Owl?... A Cat??... even worse A ZOMBIE?! Not at all! Those creepy illuminated eyes you see glowing in the bushes or hanging from a tree are just Peeping Eyes! This is definitely in my TOP 5 favorite Halloween decorations. They come in several different colors and are motion-activated to save battery life. Super bright LED's move left to right scaring the pants of whoever lights them up!


Halloween 5 FT Yard Inflatable Skeleton Unicorn with Build-in LEDs

Unicorn Skeleton Yard Inflatable 

Magical, mystical, fabulous, and spooky! Find all of these in one unique inflatable! This life-size inflatable will make your lawn a perfect Halloween paradise. This 5ft. The tall skeleton unicorn is Fun but matches the spooky vibe. Bright LED swirling lights built inside and comes with a 10ft extended cord, ground stakes, fastened ropes, and built-in sandbags. Everything you need to have the best Halloween Yet.


Halloween Yard Inflatable Animated Red Eye Witch's Cat - 6 ft Long

 6FT Inflatable Black Cat with Moving Head 

Puuurrrfect Halloween Decoration! Heighten horror and drama with this perfectly spooky witch cat. This cat won’t be the only one turning heads! Let this Giant Feline greet your guests and trick-or-treaters in the most terrifying way! This 6 ft. long witch’s cat has huge glowing eyes that will capture hearts this Halloween season.


Halloween 8 FT Yard Inflatable Pumpkin Wizard with Build-in LEDs

8ft Inflatable Pumpkin Wizard 

The giant Pumpkinhead Wizard welcomes those who have embarked on a conquest for candy! This 8ft. inflatable wizard inflates in minutes to brighten up your haunted house or Halloween event. One of my favorite things about this decoration is the flowing red cape. It’s tall, terrifying, and awesome!


Halloween 5 FT Yard Inflatable Reaper with Build-in LEDs Blow Up

5ft Inflatable Skelton Reaper

Traditionally the grim reaper is a symbol of death & misfortune. The only misfortune with this Halloween yard inflatable would be NOT GETTING IT FOR YOUR OWN HOME! This 5ft. Grim reaper inflatable is sure to knock 'em dead this year! 


Monster Face Halloween Archway Garage Door Decoration with Eyes, Fangs, Nostrils and Double Face Stickers

Giant Monster Face House Decoration

This Archway garage door decoration is one of a kind. An epic upgrade to your ordinary haunted house, you can turn your home into a monster house! Don’t worry about the fear as this monster house’s mission is to bring festivity to your Halloween party! 


Halloween Foam RIP Graveyard Tombstones (5 Pack), Headstone Decorations and 12 Bonus Metal Stakes

Realistic Foam Tombstone Decorations (5 Pack)

Take endless photos and memoirs at your very own mini graveyard set up! Give your yard a deadly appearance with these lightweight and easy to move foam tombstones. Your guests will surely be marveled at the sight of your decorations. 5 different spooky and unique designs for horror ambiance, with realistic stone or wood finish to complete the grim look. Perfect for any scary situation from yard decorations, Halloween parties, carnivals, mazes, and much more. The appearance completes the grim look with realistic-looking stone and wood finish. These tombstones are sturdy and thick. You'll be able to use them year after year. 


Life Size Hanging Creepy Animated Witch for Halloween Decorations

 Life-Size Animated Hanging Witch 

This witch lost her broomstick and now she’s furious! She shall rain terror on your backyards and lawn as she goes for a quest to find what she’s been looking for! She has glowing LED eyes, weird green skin, skinny hands, and the pointed chin which makes her look scarier and creepier. With the classic black witch attire, this Halloween prop looks extremely realistic. She can be placed indoors or outdoor to surprise your friends and neighbors. Did we mention she even makes noise?! 


1000 sq. ft Fake Super Stretch Spider Web Cobwebs Halloween Party Decoration

 Fake Super Stretch Spider Web 

Made with 360 grams of artificial cotton. Adding these faux spider webs will automatically add heebie-jeebies to any Halloween set up! This 1000 sqft Fake Super Stretch Spider Web Cobwebs will not only give your party a heck of a terrifying time but will also give great value for your money! 


6.5ft LED Eyes Hairy Black Giant Spider for Halloween Indoor/Outdoor Decorations

6 ft Tall Giant Spider with LED Eyes 

6.5 ft giant spider with LED eyes is a great Halloween decoration to add around your home, Halloween parties, entertainment events, haunted houses, and more! With big red glowing eyes, this spider looks way too creepy! Come across this thing at night and you’ll turn the other way running. The metal legs bend and adjust which makes it easy to hang on your fence, doors, windows, trees, and so on. The durable material makes it so these spiders can be with the family for years. Find our creative halloween blow ups here: blow up dragon, inflatable ufo,blow up haunted house,inflatable dragon halloween.



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