Family-Friendly Backyard Toys, Games & Activities!

Since the quarantine has started, most of us have turned into homebodies. Our lives have been changed, sometimes drastically, and it will take some time to adjust.


If you're like the majority of us moms, you probably have kids at home complaining about being stuck indoors 24/7. To be completely honest, I don't blame them. Missing out on summer adventures is a huge bummer, especially for kids. Worry no more! Here are some ideas on how you can turn your backyard into an exciting family adventure park! 


Giant Unicorn Outdoor Water Sprinkler Toy for Kids

Make It Rain Water Sprinklers!

Kids love to play in the rain, so why not give them that feeling on demand and create your very own rainy day fun! Set up colorful water sprinklers like the 36" x 53" Alicorn Pegasus Lawn Sprinkler, or this adorable Splash Turtle Water Sprinkler that splash water around your backyard. Suppose you have younger kids or infants this 68” Sea Animals Splash Pad is excellent for tummy time play. 

JOYIN 4 pc Water Gun Water Blaster Soaker Summer Toys Squirt Gun SetJOYIN 4 pc Water Gun Water Blaster Soaker Summer Toys Squirt Gun Set
Ready, Aim, SOAK!

One way to make more fun for kids is to add a little competition and thrill! Cooldown on a hot summer day with an epic water gun battle! Set up buckets of water around your backyard for easy refill and shoot your way out to win with the Spritz 2 in 1 Hydro Enforcer High Capacity Water Gun! This can hold up to 35 OZ water and shoot up to 35 feet! Don’t forget to load up with this 6 Pack of Water Soakers for extra ammo. More awesome Water guns can be found here 


32 Piece Underwater Diving Pool Set for Kids

Aqua Scavenger Hunt

Do you love Backyard Pools? What about Scavenger hunts? Why not combine them into one Exciting activity?! Set up a  3 Piece, Inflatable Kiddie Pool, and write down your scavenger hunt instructions. You can set up items that are great for underwater games, like Light Up Diving Pool Toys or a 24pc Diving Pool Toys Set diving rings and sticks stand upright at the bottom of the pool, which can be easy to grasp. Maximize the fun with a game that offers the best of both worlds! 


JOYIN Giant Inflatable Bowling Set for Kids and Adults Get-Together

Giant Inflatable Yard Bowling

When kids are bored they’re always looking for exhilarating adventures! So why not create an activity that will challenge both their strength and agility. Make your activity extra thrilling through this Giant Inflatable Bowling Set. Our giant inflatable bowling pin measures 27” in height and 24 in diameter for the bowling ball! All made of durable material and add this 20ft x 62in Slip and Slide Water Slide with 2 Bodyboards, Summer Toy with Build-in Sprinkler which includes 2 bodyguards to make racing safer for your naughty kiddos. Try this on your next backyard fun day and surely get the adrenaline pumping for both kids and kids at heart! 


JOYIN Kids Camping Set with Tent and 30+ pcs of Camping Gear

Outdoor Adventure Pretend Play Camping Set

Unfortunately with the quarantine, most people haven’t been able to get outside and enjoy nature. Spending time together as a family outdoors is a fantastic way to bond. Since we can’t visit our favorite camping destinations, build your own DIY camp in your backyard with our Camping Gear Tool Pretend Play Set. This 30 pc.set includes all the necessary camping equipment like a unique camouflage-style pop-up tent, battery-powered pretend gas stove and oil lamp, water bottle, binoculars, shovel, 4-in-1 emergency whistle with functions of flashlights, compass, and thermometer. This awesome playset even includes pretend-play food and utensils! Train your kid’s camping and survival skills! Make it the ultimate outdoor experience using our Light-Up LED Bow and Arrow set. Maybe camping isn’t your thing if your family is more into sports, this  Automatic Step-on Baseball Pitching Machine is a great way to get outside and get active! 


JOYIN 3 Pack LED Light-Up Bubble Gun blaster Pack

LED Light-Up Bubble Blasters

What kid doesn’t love bubbles? Add some LED lights and sound, and your kids can have a blast running around the yard endless iridescent bubbles! One of our many bubble toys, this LED Bubble Blaster 3 pack is a family favorite! Round up the kids to have some creative & artistic fun!  This 120 piece Jumbo Chalk Set comes in 10 vibrant colors! Did you know doodling has a lot of benefits? Especially for developing children. Drawing can help relieve tension, stress, and pressure, AND it’s cheaper than therapy LOL.

JOYIN Inflatable Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoop Pool Float - Swimming Games

Floating Volleyball and Basketball Pool Game 

Add fun and competition to your pool by using the Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops Well worth the money, this set includes an inflatable volleyball net, inflatable basketball hoop, volleyball, and basketball. You can spend the whole afternoon playing with friends and family. You want to really impress your kids and family? Our 50” Inflatable Flamingo Cooler keeps your drinks ice-cold and doubles as a fun Ring-Toss game.


If you’re looking for entertaining family-friendly activities without leaving your home? You can do all of these activities, within the comfort and safety of your own homes. Add a whole lot of entertainment and color to your dull quarantine schedule. Level it up into an energy-pumping experience that is wholesome for the family!

Are you also searching for creative games to liven up your festival party? Look no further! We've got you covered with a wide selection of games, including Easter Party Games, Christmas Party Games, and trunk or treat games. Get ready to have a blast at your party!

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