Social Distance Schooling: Tips & Tricks for the Average Mom

As part of the so-called new normal, our homes may go from a cozy living space to a multi-purpose one as we transform it into offices and schools. Our children are trusting in us for this new social-distance learning. It’s up to us parents to make this school year the best we can. Here are seven tips so you and your children can successfully enjoy every moment of this social-distanced learning experience. 


Social Distance Schooling: Tips & Tricks for the Average Mom - Young girl at desk

Get a cozy set-up! 

Set up your very own learning station and get comfortable! Our main goal when our children are learning at home is to instill as much knowledge as possible in their minds, in the most efficient way. One way to achieve this is to put them in an environment conducive to learning. You can start by picking a spot away from distractions and getting things tidy and organized.  In that way, the set-up itself can help clear your kid’s mind and amplify their learning capabilities. The best thing about these aesthetic layouts is you can still do it while sticking to a budget. Click here for more detailed instructions from the original article we found on Pinterest. 


Social Distance Schooling: Tips & Tricks for Organizing your Schedule

Plan out your routine; Set a daily schedule 

When you plan your routine, you will surely go a long way. We have been taking steps and reaching milestones in our adaptation to our new-normal. Let us also try to make these tough times enjoyable for our kids. Plan out the curriculum and enjoyable activities you would like to do with your kids. This way, you can balance your schedule and still have ample time to spend and have fun with your kids. Click here for more detailed instructions from the original article we found on Pinterest. 



Reach out and communicate

In this type of learning set-up, both parents and teachers work hand in hand. The best way of doing this is by efficiently communicating with their teacher. In order to carry out successful and accurate learning at home, always reach out to the experts about what you should do, what your kids should answer, so you would be able to set goals and not fall off expectations. 



Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Growing up, I always looked forward to my Mom’s day off, so we both could do fun things together. Another suggestion to make this social-distance learning fun is to find wholesome activities that both parents and children could do together.  Activities like making home-made healthy snacks, baking, and cooking, or even planting easy to grow succulents that are thorn free! These exciting activities are a great way to learn while you play. Spending quality time with your kids is important! Use activities like these to strengthen your bond with one another. 



Get some outdoor fun! 

Similar to goldfish, your children's attention spans are almost none existent. You’ll be lucky if you can get those little buggers to stay still more than 30 minutes! Okay, this may not always be the case. Either way getting outside for some physical activity is vital. Get rid of all that pent up energy by running around the yard for a water gun battle! Put on your swim-suit and jump through a giant inflatable yard sprinkler! Challenge your family to a game of giant Inflatable bowling! To make things spicier place a little wagger beforehand -the losing team has to clean up the yard! Lol 



Explore, Expose, Experience 

Take a tour and explore the world through a delightful adventure! You might be thinking, ‘How are we going to take a trip during a full-fledged global pandemic?! Simple! Take it online, through Expedition by Google. Google Expedition is a virtual reality touring application that you can use to explore the world. It has over 1000 virtual reality and 100 augmented reality tours. Learn more about this experience on one of the articles we found on Pinterest. 



Take well-deserved breaks in between 

Running on an 8-hour learning schedule is not easy! Especially for these little ones that are used to being surrounded by other kids. It is very beneficial for these kids to take breaks after strenuous hours of learning to destress and relax. The best way that kids want to spend their breaks is to play with toys. They can do pretend play activities, do arts and crafts, or even enjoy the relaxing feeling that bubbles give.  Whether our kids do extreme or subtle activities, they sure need a break to clear their thoughts and make room for more learning!


As moms, we aim to give only the best to our little ones. Make this whole experience fun, exciting, and full of valuable life-lessons for them. This article will help tremendously as you enter the world of homeschooling!

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